My First LV PARTY invitation and my new LV! *PICS*

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  1. how do you get on the list?
  2. Very cool. I will have t o wait to see the mirior bags IRL.
  3. Congrats Matt on the invite,hmmm....I guess I should consider to get pochette at least.
  4. I prefer the Silver color, I think its the best! both are great though. If I was a girl.. I would do 1 bag in each for sure!

    You RSVP by calling the # they gave me
  5. Matt, there is a reall cute and tall SA with Euro accent at Troy he your SA?? He's REALLY HOT:love:
  6. The only really tall SA at my store is Mike and I am in LOVE with him lol.
  7. 2 hotties at my store though, shawn and mike
  8. Shawn is shorter guy, right? They are both really nice and cute....they are not my SA for a good reason. I can't have too many things to drool at when I'm shopping...I need to be very serious when I'm shopping and not being distracted by Cute guys.
  9. yes shawn is the shorter one.

    i LOVE them!
  10. oh cool.

    The mirror bags are on display at the SF union square location.
    IMO they are completely raunchy and hedious looking. Its like aluminum foil LOL....I was one of the first few to be on the list for s speedy back early early this summer, but deff will not be getting one!
  11. YaY Matt! How exciting...Congrats.
  12. wow...what a party :smile:
  13. congrats!!! please please post pixz when you're there. hav lots of fun!!! i'm dyin' to see the bags. i hope my store will get it asap.
  14. I am bringing my camera, I dont care lol!
  15. Congrats! I can't wait to see all the pics!! :nuts: