My First LV PARTY invitation and my new LV! *PICS*

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  1. went to LV it was awesome. He told me about the party and how I was invited and can bring a guest on December 7th.

    Bought this book only $18.95. ALMOST BOUGHT THE MIRROR KEYCHAIN, my store has it!!!



    The KEEPALL is only $2700 they said... so idk guys lol I might do it! I played with the speedy

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  2. Congrats Matt! So you liked the Miroir bags it seems :yahoo: I really wanna get one soooo bad! :yes:
  3. I am not going to lie, they look CHEAP lol but I would still buy one!
  4. So, it does look cheap? Why? But they still look good right! ? I am in love with the silver speddy, hopefully when I see it in real life, I will like it too. Where did you get that book?
  5. Congrats on your first LV invite, Matt!!!:yahoo:
  6. I like to see that book :yes: If you know you will use the miroir keepall then get it ....I can't wait to see them IRL:yahoo:
  7. It does look cheap and feel cheap IMO. I WOULD STILL BUY IT THOUGH. It is so damn cool lol! I LOVE it! the speedy doesnt look all that big really! and when the mentioned the keepall and price I almost died lol. I might get it! The store was PACKED today and he didnt want anyone else to see the MIRROR Stuff so they took me in the back lol... it was HEAVEN!!!

    I'll take pics at the party for all of you!
  8. It sounds AWESOME... congrats!! ;)
  9. thats awesome..
    The keepall is HOT!!

  10. Congrats on your first invite, Matt...:yahoo: Glad you had a great time!

    lucky to see all the Mirrors..:sweatdrop: cheap or not ppl r going to buy ! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  11. :supacool: !!!!
  12. hey dude, congrats on your first invite hey..

    are you gonna get anything on the day? or just browsing and having a great time?
  13. Well since my store is smaller and doesnt sell everything. They are shipping in TONS of goodies for all the people to look at it. It is a private event at my store so the doors ARE closed unless your on the list. I was planning on doing my LV shopping on the 16th or the 23rd to give myself time to figure out what to get, but he is shipping in something I am interested in, and if they have it there and im feeling it, im just going to buy it! lol
  14. Oh and free champagne... and then the bar after with friends... talk about a good night lol!
  15. LOL! nice plan