My First LV :) on my feets!

  1. I posted about this in general forum but thought I'd do the "my first LV piece" dance here too" Lol its not a bag though I went for the Speeding Monogram Canvas Lace Sneakers and really love them :smile: gotta get a bag to match now though :smile:

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. I just loveee LV shoes .. congrats
  3. Way to go! Enjoy them.
  4. Love the sneakers..congrats!!! Go magnets!!!
  5. congrats!
  6. I saw these in the store last week! I love it! :nuts: Is it comfortable to wear? If only they make it a bit higher. I'm very short. :shame:
  7. Those are definitely eye catching! Wowza! Congratulations.
  8. those shoes are hot!!
  9. Cool shoes! How comfy are they? Unfortunately I can only just afford my LV bag addiction - never mind trying to get shoes as well:lol:
  10. :yes: cool... love the sneakers...... i believe it must be very comfy
  11. :heart: the sneakers. Cute!
  12. it will match all your bags...congrats!
  13. Congratulations!!!!
  14. How fun!! Congrats on your first LV!:yes:
  15. Cute shoes. Congrats!