my first LV! need your inputs =)

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  1. hello!!! just got my first LV yesterday..and I am obsessed! It was definitely worth the wait. I just have one question, how do you guys store your bags? I got the speedy 30 and I was so excited I opened and tried it on and then now, I couldnt remember how the SA folded the bag in a way that it would fit the dust bag and the box. I need your help because I really want to take good care of this bag. Could you show me a pic of how you folded yours or tips in storing it properly? Thanks :smile:
  2. Do not refold your bag, I use to and had SA tell me Do Not do it anymore, they do it for shipping purposes.( over the years folding can cause cracks in the canvas and also hard to get the creases out) I stuff my speedy and then put it in the dustbag and then in a box. Just go in and ask for the larger box
    Enjoy your new bag, mine is years old, and such a classic
  3. I don't have a speedy. However, for my other bags, I keep mine in dustbags and leave them on a shelf. I don't put mine in any boxes. Congrats on your first LV. Enjoy it.
  4. ^^^ Same here.. I don't fold my speedy. I stuff my with tshirts and put her in her dust bag.
  5. Stuffing sounds like the best idea. I can't imagine folding a bag would be good later on :nogood:
  6. just stuff it with t-shirts/pillow/towels and put it in the dust bag! :smile:
    congrats on your new bag!
  7. yeah i made a stuffer for my Damier 30 <----- and it works perfectly all the creases were gone within 3 days.

    As nice as the box looks i just use it for display purposes now, shes sits proudly on her box on my desk hehe (i know im so sad)

    like the other members have said dont fold her! the creases go all horrible after a little while :smile: Hope this helps!
  8. Glad you told us this, I have a 35 in hiding (from DH) til the spring and I have it folded, gotta go open it, stuff it and rehide it-hmm, maybe in my daughters room?!

    Enjoy your Speedy, I have to look at mine on the sly for now lol.
  9. Thanks for the info. Its good I didn't fold my bag again. How do you guys take care of the handle? That was the only reason why I had doubts buying the mono speedy, the handle seems like its easy to turn dark. Any tips? Sorry for all the a rookie :smile:
  10. the handle will succumb to oils produced by your hand, it's inevitable, but to keep the vachette at its lightest longer...
    1) keep bag out of UV light
    2) no hand lotions
    3) h20 will darken/stain the leather
    4) if handles get dirty, try using mr. clean magic eraser "dry" first, then baby wipes, and lastly magic eraser "damp."
  11. Congratulations on your beautiful brand new Speedy! Check out the FAQ section for tips on cleaning and protecting your vachetta handles
    Also for tips on stopping the sag of your speedy, if you don't like it - I happen to love it.
    But keep your hands clean, don't get hand lotion on the handles, keep it out of the rain, stuff the bag when you're not using it and use the heck out of it and enjoy it!
  12. As far as i know, the best way to keep your LV is to stuff it with something that can hold the shape of the bag and always store it in the dust bag. That is what i always do to my Bastille, Broadway, Naviglio and Sac Plat.
  13. Stuff it and it will keep it's shape. I have 4 speedy bags....when not in use, I stuff them. I put them in a pillowcase for more protection because it's bigger.
  14. Congrats on your new bag! Enjoy her - Speedy is definitely a classic! I agree with everyone else, definitely do not fold her - just stuff and place in the dustbag! I've even seen some "stuffers" for different size Speedy's on eBay for around $19.99 (I think - I guess depends on size?). I don't know if anyone here has seen or used one but it looks like a good idea...
  15. ok..i read the tips on taking care of the LV. This might be really stupid for you guys but I am a rookie. What is the patina and vachetta? I swear i am dumbfounded. Hope you could help me :shame: