My first LV-need your advice

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Which LV should be my first?

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Damier Ebonie Speedy 35

  3. Other LV

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok so I got my Eugenie wallet and now need a bag to put her in!

    I'm mostly a shoulder bag girl with one thick short strap (artsy mm is my perfect hg) but I'm wanting to buy used for my first bag and can't decide!!

    These are the 2 I'm considering, but woud love to hear if you have any suggestions maybe I didn't think of!

    Thanks for your time!! :lol:
  2. We have four batignolles horizontal bags at our house (mine and each of my three daughters). It's just a wonderful bag! I like the Damier Ebene Speedy too, but it can't go on your shoulder, handheld only. I also think it looks really big in the 35, so I prefer 30 or 25 in that one.

    If you want a mix of the two - get a Trevi PM!
  3. I voted for BH, I think it's a great bag... so go for it!!!!
  4. my vote is speedy..hope this helps.
  5. BH ~ I love mine and I find it roomy enough to fit everything I need. It's also very comfortable.
  6. BH I love mine too!
  7. If you're a shoulder bag girl, then get the BH!
  8. How about galliera? It's my favourite shoulder bag and she always gets to travel with me because she's so chic, roomy and comfy!
  9. I voted for the BH, but I LOVE my Artsy!! Is there a reason exactly why you want your first to be used?? I think you will enjoy the whole experience of going to the boutique to pick out your first!
  10. I'm just nervous about the vachetta on the BH. What if I'm out shopping and it starts to rain??
  11. I mainly wanted used to make sure I loved the lv, and so I wouldn't feel as bad spending so much money lol. DH is a stay at home dad so I'm the only one bringing in income and I would feel bad spending that much on me.
  12. Galliera!!!
  13. Can I vote for something not on the list? If so I'm with beljwl, Galliera all the way. Otherwise, off your list I'd say Speedy.
  14. The gallierA is a great suggestion! Thanks!
    Newbie question-does this bag come in ebene damier? I see it does come in the azur
  15. BH gets my vote