My First LV (Monty) is Here! Come see!!

Jan 23, 2008
So, at 8:45 this morning, my DD and I were just getting out of bed and she tells me someone is knocking on the door. I grab my robe and head to the front door and I think I see a fedx truck in the street. But I think, no, it can't be. I just ordered my bag from eluxury on Thursday. With my eyes barely even focused yet, I open the front door and IT'S FEDX!!!!! I'm in my PJs for crying out loud, I should have been dressed better to accept such a fantastic delivery!lol He apologized for being there so early and I told him, no problem, he had just made my day. So, without further gabbing, here's a few pics. I'll post modeling pics tomorrow, my photographer (my 10 year old) gets up. So, here's MONTY!!!!:woohoo::woohoo: