my first LV -- Mono Speedy 30

  1. I love this bag :yahoo:
    Yesterday I went to the LV store in Amsterdam and bought the mono speedy 30.
    It was my first time in a LV store and my first LV bag.. im soooo proud of it.

    Anyway, ive a question... Is the speedy 30 packed in a LV-box or just a dustbag only??
  2. congrats! I've always gotten my purchases in a box, I've read here though that sometimes you have to specifically ask for a box.
    you will want more very soon!! hehe
    when i bought a speedy i didn't get any box
  4. thanks sweetpurple and antonio loredo..

    so i need to ask for a box? I see, for the next time ill ask for one :p
  5. This is a great classic - congratulations!
  6. your wellcome
    you've got a classic !
    if you have the chance go back and ask them for the box they would usually give it to you ;)
  7. CONGRATS!! on your first LV

    I didn't get a box :crybaby:lol but i'm now fine with it. It's never needed its box, because my Speedy 25 purse is used a lot. :yes:
  8. Congratulation! The speedy is the best choice as your first! They should give you the box, you can call them and requested to see if you can pick it up.
  9. gefeliciteerd!
  10. Congrats! modeling pictures please
  11. Congrats!..looking forward for pictures
  12. Congrats on your f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s purchase!
    In Amsterdam! How's the service there? I want to get my first LV (Mono Speedy 30 or 35) there too, but I constantly hear they do not like the service on the PC Hooftstraat LV. What did you think of it?
  13. congrats! the mono speedy 30 is the perfect first bag!!
  14. Congrats on your first!

    Sometimes SA's don't include boxes with the bags, so you have to remember to ask for them sometimes. You can go back and ask for one if you want it/need it?
  15. Congratulations! How exciting! Enjoy your new bag.:tup: