My First LV - Mono Speedy 30 - Almost Here!

  1. I did a little research and decided that i wanted a mono something .... first the alma and then decided against it. I went with the Mono Speedy 30. I thought that size would be great for me, being a Big Beautiful Woman :smile: .. I ordered it Monday, and I can't wait for fedex to get here. It was suppose to come tomorrow, but will be here today ... i am counting down the mintues! How excited where you guys about your first LV and what kind was it .. pics are welcome!
  2. I'm excited for you! Post pics when you get your baby!:yahoo:
  3. I was going crazy waiting for the poor delivery guy! Congrats
  4. ooooh congrats! my first was a mono speedy 30 as well. don't forget to share pics!
  5. Congrats!! My first LV was also a mono speedy 30.
  6. Congrats! Mine was a mono pochette. The feeling was incredible, especially since it was my first designer bag!

    Sorry, I don't have pics. I have an issue with pics because I have slow internet...and I'm too lazy (I feel bad about this since everybody else shares).
  7. congrats! I remember the feeling of the first one. I was so excited! It was a cherry blossom pochette.
  8. Congratulations! Out of all my LV bags, my mono Speedy 30 is my favorite.
  9. Congrats. The excitement of your first LV is incredible.
  10. mine has a bit of a story:

    Went to NYC this summer to visit family and i KNEW i wanted to get a big name bag like Coach, LV, Fendi, whatever....because my friend had just gotten back from a trip to Arizona and she bought a Coach bag, it was super nice so I thought I wanted something from Coach too (cuz I thought that was all that I could afford). So walking down 5th and going into all the boutiques I checked Gucci (too much for me), Coach (styles that were out I didn't care for), Fendi (I saw a bag there I liked, and even considered walking back from Port Authority to Fendi to buy it, but by that time I was tooooooooo tired). So anyway, I did most of my shopping already and still had some US$ left and didn't want to bring that back as I would loose money b/c of the exchange. I never thought about getting an LV as I always thought the prices started at the $1000 and above. So I was surfing this site and found out through a post that a Speedy Mono was only $620 and I was like "OMG< I can totally afford that, I'm gonna get my LV" and this was at our like last day, so my family lives in Wyckoff and luckily there was a LV boutique in Paramus which was like 20 mins away and we made it there in time and I walked out with a MOno speedy 35...

    so that was my story of my first LV...and how I was like slmost peeing my pants with excitement...sorry it was long, and thanks to those who read it..hee hee...
  11. Congrats on your first LV---great choice!:yahoo:can't wait to see your piccies when it arrives!:heart:

    My first LV was a gift from my mom. It was a Speedy with a matching accessory(Cles? Coin purse? I forgot.) Anyhoo, I hated it and thought it was too old(I thought I was a hip cool freshman in high school at the time. LOL:P) so I gave it away. :sad:
    The first LV I bought for myself was just a couple months ago---the Cerises Pochette. I still haven't worn her, though. lol. Here is a pic:
    Cerises pochette full pic.jpg
  12. Oh congrats! My first mono piece was a speedy too! I hope the FedEx guy comes quickly!
  13. oh god .. i am dying .. i can't wait any longer .. it is 12:45 .. where is it .. i don't even want to leave for lunch until i get it, but i am starving!
  14. Ohh...the wait is always so hard but soooo rewarding in the end :yahoo: , in my home mailmen are treated like Santa Clause and I've been known to loose sleep the night before a big package arrives, just like a kid before christmas :lol:
  15. I can't wait for you!! You are going to love it:smile: