My First LV Luggage Piece - Mono Keepall 50!

  1. I love this big baby...:graucho:

    I debated and debated between 45 and 50 (after I purchased the 50 of course) and I am finally settled on 50 (I think) because more space = more slouch = less like a stuffed sausage when stuffed! I also wanted to be able to fit knee high boots inside. She is large enough to sorta wrap around me and not bounce around when walking! Size also great for when you gotta just throw in that extra pair of flip flops in da bag!

    No way is she going on an airplane though until she has earned her patina in the back of the SUV!:wlae:
  2. Looks great!!! Any modeling pics? :graucho:
  3. Gorgeous, enjoy!
  4. Happy SUVing with your new Keepall :smile: Congrats!
  5. ConGrATs!!!!! I was thinking about buying a Keepall 50 w/strap as well, but ended up buying the Carryall. It's about the same price!
  6. congrats!!!
  7. congrat!!! now i love my keepall 45 even more:p.....
  8. Congrats, its gorgeous!
  9. Yay, congratulations! J'adore Keepalls!
  10. oh nooooooo!:push:
  11. Still one of the best bags ever made!!! CONGRATS
  12. Congrats...what a gorgeous piece.
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. OHHHHH! Monogram is nice!
    I'm gonna get 45 or 50!!!!