My first LV - lost!!!

  1. I was so excited to be receiving my very first louis vuitton from a mprs. :smile:

    It was due to arrive at my address today. I checked tracking and it was delivered to a person I do not know. :confused1:

    I have checked my post office, called the courier company (it was sent EMS with insurance) and no one knows where it is. :crybaby:

    I feel so heartbroken because I anticipated taking it to a wedding this weekend.

    I've contacted the seller who doesnt understand either.

    I feel so dissapointed :sad:. I dont even know if we can claim through insurance because on tracking it says "delivered."

    I thought if anyone would understand how I feel it would the lvlovers...
  2. So sorry to hear this happened. Hopefully it will turn up! :oh:
  3. Don't worry just yet! Last week or so the tracking on my pink inclusion GM bracelet from the US said it was delivered, but it was simply handed over to a shipping company affiliated with never know! My fingers are crossed for you, hope your bag is okay!
  4. Dont give up! It is probally lost somewhere, you have the tracking # and you need to see who signed for it GL
  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! I have 2 LV items coming, one from Canada and one from Australia and I'm so hoping nothing gets screwed up during shipment for me, as well!
  6. I know the name of the person who signed for it but I dont know them. I dont understand why the courier would deliver it to an address which is not on the parcel? The seller is upset too.
  7. I am sure it will turn up. I am sure the PO can figure out where your item is! If they deliver it to the wrong person I am sure they are responsible!
  8. I've called them and they say that they will start an investigation to get the signature as delivery confirmation - but they have delivered it to the wrong address! This is so awful!
  9. OMG, I'm so sorry. I hope things turn up for you! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. OMGOMGOMGOMG The lady next door (never met as she just moved in) just came and told me she signed for it!!!! WTF!!!! How can couriers let strangers sign for other peoples insured parcels???
  11. don't worry yet...check in with the company that delivered...

  12. So you have it back? If so, thank god! :smile:
  13. Yay! - Yes Juicebox the bag is with me now!! Thank god.

    Am going to speak to the courier about allowing total strangers to sign for registered/insured parcels in the future.

  14. I agree. It wasn't even normal post so you'd think parcel companies would have just delivered the next day or something.. but not to worry you have your bag! Any pics? :graucho:

  15. I couldn't resist trying to lighten her handles and giving her a freshen up with dryer sheets. I will take some pics in daylight (aussie time) then post them.

    Thanks for everyone who crossed their fingers! :yahoo: