My first LV - its an Epi Bowling Montaigne GM *PICs*

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  1. Here's my new (and first LV) Epi bowling montaigne GM in ivory/white. :p

    I love the style and color, but its a bit on the heavy side...I'm still thinking about whether I should exchange it for the Suhali Le Superbe (which I've been completely undecisively switching back and forth on, see this thread

    btw, for those who own the Epi montaigne GM, did you get any tags/paper booklets, baggie to hold the lock/keys, etc when you bought your Epi? When I received mine from the SA, the lock and keys were already on the bag, no tags, booklets, anything else inside of bag. Is that right? Should I have asked for the paper baggie that holds the lock? I don't plan on carrying the lock or the keys on the bag so I want to keep them in their original (paper?) carrier.

    Also, there is no where that indicates this bag is the GM version. Does it say somewhere on the bag? My receipt just says 'Vuitton luggage' :confused1:

    Anyways, onto the pics below.:p
    DSC00463sm.jpg DSC00464sm.jpg DSC00465sm.jpg DSC00466sm.jpg DSC00476sm.jpg
  2. More pics! :heart:
    DSC00478sm.jpg DSC00477sm.jpg DSC00475sm.jpg DSC00479sm.jpg DSC00480sm.jpg
  3. That bag is gorgeous!!! Epi leather is so low matience and carefree and the style is gorgeous.
  4. What do you think? does it look too big on me?
  5. Congrats!
  6. Oh wow, love this color! Congrats! :tup: I dont think it looks big on you, just right!
  7. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  8. jesus...i wish my first lv was that nice! i wish any of my lvs were that nice. **sad face**
  9. Nice :nuts: Congrats :smile:
  10. I love your bag! Looks great on you :tup:
  11. That's a very nice bag. Congrats!!
  12. that is a gorgeous piece! I've been eyeing it for a while..u make me wanna get it right away..congrats!
  13. love it! congrats
  14. Very pretty! I think the size is great on you!
  15. Congrats!