My first LV, how to accesorize?

  1. Hi all, I got my first LV bag today! It is the black epi soufflot with gold hardware. I love how its so classic and subtle, but I do want to jazz it up a bit with some sort of charm maybe or a scarf? Any suggestions on what would look good? Thanks a bunch, so excited to join the club. :yahoo:
  2. the pastille long chain charm look great on a papillon/soufflot shaped bag

    Or a bandeau tied around the handle blacks a neutral colour so you have lots of options maybe something like the MC bandeau or colourful travel to really pop from the bag
  3. ^^^ I agree. The Pastilles would go great with an Epi Soufflot, especially in black.

    I also suggest getting a gold Jeans Key Holder, Fleurs Key Holder, or the Pastilles Key Holder.
  4. oooh, ill have to check these items out then! thanks for the great advice.. :smile:
  5. I would recommend the Fleurs Keyholder ($225) or even pastilles ($350-ish). However, if you're not wanting to spend that much to jazz up the bag, have you considered Coach? They make some really cute keychains that are inexpensive. Also...Juicy Couture charms (sold at places like Saks, Bloomies, etc.) are relatively inexpensive and make great charms too!
  6. yeah the LV accessories are sooo pretty, but I think out of my price range at the moment, you did just remind me that I do have a bunch of juicy charms (which would match the gold hardware) thanks!!!
  7. maybe an hermes twilly or LV bandeau. i have a few twillys and i love them
  8. Coach also makes some cute bag charms, and they recently introduced ones that have gold colored hardware if you're concerned about matching. I have a Coach charm on my Neverfull. They run about $30 each.
  9. i think it looks really good on it's own, even without charms or scarfs! :tup:
  10. I like it plain as well.
  11. All my bags are naked. But I love the Fleurs Key Holder, or the Pastilles Key Holder. I just wish they were not so expensive. For the price of 2 accessories I rather get another speedy.
  12. good point!
  13. I was just about to say this!! I have one on my speedy. I also use their ponytail scarves as bandeaus are a bit too long for most bags. but I think the pastilles would be GORGEOUS on the black epi too!
  14. pic of pap with pastilles
    Papillon with pastilles.jpg