My first LV handbag Sofia Coppola!!!

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  1. She is gorgeous!
  2. Wow, I was never really interested in this bag but it just looks so fabulous here! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  3. Thank you hun!!!

    Thank you sweetie, I agree this charm just finishes the bag off beautifully!

    Oh ok that makes sense now :p I knew your avatar looked familiar! I hope you get one soon they are so soft & nice I can't stop looking at it! The cream is my second favorite color but I too am worried of color transfer :nogood:

    My sentiments exactly!!! Thanks :biggrin:

    Thanks hun, I will post some on here very soon!

    Thank you sweetie, I highly recommend this bag!

    Aww thank you hun!!!
  4. Nice bag.. Congrats..

    I'm just want to know.. Is this heavy ? Thanks..
  5. Thank you very much sweetie!!!

    Thanks hun!!! :biggrin:

    Wow that cherry is amazing congrats!!! Thank you ;)

    Thanks sweetie!

    Thanks darling!

    Thank you sweetie!!!

    Thanks hun!

    Thank you very much!!!

    Thank you sweetie, I really like your avatar she might be my next conquest in the new poudre color that just came out ;) I've always liked the Alma!

    Thank you!

    QUOTE=lupe_048;22550727]very beautiful, i love the way the chain looks on it too, so gorgeous congrats!:smile:[/QUOTE]

    Aww thanks hun, I also love the chain!

    Thanks hun!

    Thank you sweetie!

    Thanks darling!

    Aww thank you sweetie!
  6. Stunning! Enjoy!
  7. Thank you sweetie!

    Thank you :biggrin:

    Thank you sweetie, I'm actually use to carrying heavier bags so in my opinion this bag isn't too heavy but I can see it getting heavier if I over stuff it :p

    Thank you hun!!!
  8. Wow! Congrats!
  9. A-mazing!
  10. Just stunning!!! That color is gorgeous as well!!! Congrats! Can you post some modeling pics, please??!!
  11. Congrats .. great first LV and I love the strap option:smile:
  12. Amazing! You started your LV bag collection of with a bang. Love it. Congrats!
  13. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Congrats!! :smile:
  14. Congratulations - what a stunning first bag from LV :smile:
  15. That is one goooooooorgeous, totally drool worthy bag! :woot: Gratz, I've got total bag envy :tender: Mod pics? :biggrin: