My first LV...Galliera PM

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  1. My very first LV arrived today, the Galliera PM. I have to say it is a beautiful bag and I really do like it. It is a bit bigger than what I normally carry but I do like it. Part of me wants to return the bag though. This is the most that I have ever spent on a bag before and it is kind of bothering me that I spent this much on a bag. Also it is bigger than what I normally like to carry so I worry that down the road the size will bother me. I hate to return my very first LV though. If I do return it I will probably get the BH. Any opinions?

    Here are some modeling pictures.

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  2. I think it looks great on you! I know what you mean about the price, though. Both the BH and Galliera are kind of similar in size, but the shape of the Galliera is what gets my attention, KWIM? But, if the price is poking you in the side, exchange it for the BH--that's a great bag too.
  3. First of all... that bag looks GORGEOUS on you. It's just right I think, to be a showstopper without being too flashy.

    Second... if you are not totally head-over-heels, can't-stop-staring at it in love with the bag, $1K is a lot to only "like" a bag. Do you feel little butterflies when you think about the BH? If so, then I would exchange it.

    Honestly, I think it looks FAB on you, and I am totally jealous of you at this point. Haha (just see my signature)
  4. It looks gorgeous on ! My first LV, I was thinking about that too.. I just couldn't understand how bags cost this much.. but the first cut is always the deepest and I don't think I could go back now. :graucho:
  5. It looks great on you-but it is a very special bag for you, and that should be nothing but perfect. So if you do not like the size then get what suits you more. You should enjoy it every time you use it without thinking " I wish I would have returned it, it is too big"
  6. It looks really, really nice on you!! I understand the pricing should enjoy your bag and not feel guilty, so if it's bothering you, maybe you should get the BH? I don't think you can go wrong either way!
  7. I am right there with you about the price...I received mine yesterday and I love it, it looks cute on, I love the details on the inside (esp the nice lining and POCKETS!!!), etc., but I hate spending that much money on a bag. Nevermind that I just spend more than half the price on a wallet, but I know I will use the wallet forever, whereas the bag will "change out" from time to time. But I think a larger bag is a good staple item, so you have to decide whether you might find that you love the size after a while, or whether you realistically will not carry it because of that.

    Oh, and if it makes you feel better, I returned my very first LV and have no regrets.
  8. It's a gorgeous bag and looks lovely on you..Congrats on your first LV.
    Hope you keep it!
  9. congrats, it's sooooo gorgeous! you have to keep it!
  10. Thanks for all of the replies! You all are great and make some very good points.

    I decided to sleep on it for a few days and see how I feel. I hate to return it in a haste but also I want to be sure I really want to keep it.
  11. your bag looks beautiful on you I hope you keep it
  12. It looks great on you, but also kinda big too! How does the strap feel? It looks like it is at an odd length on you? Sorry just my observation, but let us know what you decide!
  13. Great bag, and looks great...Hope its a keeper for you!
  14. COngrats! the bag loooks great on you. Shes a keeper
  15. the bag is very beautiful, I agree but if it's bothering you, the best thing to do is make a pro/con list! Have you also considered the BV, that's smaller than the BH and still very cute!

    Galliera pro:
    new style bag
    one shoulder strap
    snap flap pocket

    Galliera con:
    light suede interior
    bigger than you like
    small size cell pocket

    BH pro:
    dark canvas interior
    good size bag
    inside zip pocket
    abilty to take in sides to make it smaller

    BH con:
    small size cell pocket
    two straps (one always seems to slide off - but if you tuck it under the other, it works great)