My first LV free gift & Inclusion Bracelet Grey

  1. i am soooo excited!!!

    some of you may know that i purchased an inclusion bracelet a few weeks ago, except the bits inside was off-sided, so i had to return it and swap with another one.. i rang this morning and found out that they did receive one today, and so we went and got it..

    when we got to the shop, the lady was so nice, she even OFFERED if i want to play with the bags, she was so patience.. and when we left (with the new "perfect" inclusion bracelet), she gave me a gift!!!

    she said she knows that Chinese New Year have passed, but she's giving me some LV chinese new year "red pockets" for next year!!! i mean, i went there, not really spending any money, she let me "play" and gave me a free gift!! my very first one!

    i dont really want to open the gift though, so i dont really know whats in it really, but it has a really nice smell to it... its like sandalwood or lavender or something.. so if you guys know, please post some photos!

    here are the photos :smile:, the last one is of the pockets...




  2. very nice bracelet....:tup:open the gift...:graucho:
  3. Unwrap please!
  4. I have the same bracelet! Congratulations on your bracelet purchase and on finding such a nice SA...which LV was this?

    I'm also dying to know what's in the envelope! Open it! ;)
  5. open open open open :yes:
  6. open open open! And I love the bracelet
  7. very nice and open the gift, we wanna see! :nuts:
  8. Yay congrats, she sounds like a great SA !
  9. aw that's pretty neat!! love the bracelet...would love to see what's inthe pouch!
  10. a gift? excellent! That's always a nice and exciting surprise!
  11. OPEN!!!! :smile: its supposed to be good luck to open the gift.
  12. Nice and I love your Pandora too!

    What is the gift????
  13. lol.. you guys are bad... i dont want to open it becuase once its opened, it cant be closed!!! :sad: so i was hoping that someone here would have received one and can post a photo or two... anyone?

    gapaholic13, thanks for noticing my pandora! they're as addictive as LV :smile:
  14. dont be crazy open chicky
  15. very nice, congrats!