My first LV for 2007

  1. It's nothing much..I am adopting mono noe from a lovely friend.
    The reason I am posting it because I remember while back whe had a thread regarding the curl on noe string..well I did it with my noe :nuts: .

    I received the bag without the string. I could buy the string from LV for only $33 but the string will be pale vachetta and stiff. It won't look good with the rest of the bag vachetta.
    So I bought the leather string from eBay, just to make sure it's the same patina tone..

    The string goes perfectly with the patina in the bag and I only paid $4 for it..the best part is I can make it curl by twisting the leather..

    Here she is with the curl..


  2. so cute!!
  3. :nuts: I love the curl!!!:love: Congratulations on the bag!:supacool:
  4. It looks SOOOOOOO cute!!! Congrats Nita!!! :graucho:
  5. It makes me want to eat curly fires. LOL. Looks good, Nita! Congrats! : )
  6. Congrats! The curl is too cute!
  7. Thanks guys..LOL ..Never thought about curly fries Michelle..I am looking at it..
  8. love it i really want a noe - is it comfortable to carry?
  9. Congrats! Love what you did with the string...very cute
  10. Looking Good my friend!
  11. loves it !!!!
  12. That's cute. Congrats!
  13. ^OT... Michelle, you're making me hungry!

    Good job, Nita! Congrats!

  14. Yes, it's very comfy
    I know I like now because I used to have black epi noe. I sold it because it's too structured and stiff..Since then I've been wanting mono noe especially vintage one.

    It's perfect bag for rainy day for me. It's golden patina already in the bottom and handle so it has vintage look.
  15. Thanks guys..curly fries is..LOL