My first LV Exchange... I got a

  1. Epi Red Passy!!! :yahoo:

    To make a long story short I really wanted the grey patchwork speedy but missed the boat. :crybaby:
    I purchased the Neo Cabby in Black when it came out as I thought it would be a good substitute. It is beautiful but not the same...sigh. I found a patchwork speedy on Eluxury a few days ago and snagged it!!! :wlae: I am so excited. It should arrive next Wednesday!!! I can't wait!!!

    I figured I didn't need two blackish denim bags and as I had past the 14 day mark I ended up with a store credit! I have always wanted a red bag (was on my wishlist) and I fell in love with the Passy! I think it will be great for work on those days when I want something with a little pizzaz!!

    Don't know of anyone has looked at this bag but it is sooo beautiful!

    I had just enough left over to get a mono key holder...
    Pics to follow soon.

  2. i :heart: red passy! and congrats on the eluxury patchwork speedy :yahoo:.
  3. Great choices. Kudos to you! :tup:
  4. Oh so sad! You gave up on the cabby :crybaby:
  5. We are twins! I have the red passy pm. I love it! It is so classy and can carry so much. Here she is~

    Congrats on yours! Enjoy!:heart:
    red epi passy 004.jpg