1. Hi Everyone! I posted in the main forum a few weeks ago asking for advice on if I should get the YSL Muse or the LV Suhali Lockit PM. The majority chose the suhali and here is my first ever LV bag! I'm so excited. I haven't worn it out yet but I can't wait to. Does anyone else have this bag? Do you know if it turns yellow with time? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! :yahoo:
  2. congrats!
  3. Love the white leather! :nuts: Lovely first LV bag, congrats!!! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats!!! It's gorgeous!:yahoo:
  5. What an AWESOME choice for your first LV!!!:nuts: I LOVE this bag!!! I hope you enjoy it in the best of health!!!:yahoo:
  6. Aww.. congrats, it's so lovely ! :yes:
  7. :nuts: Congrats!!!! It's a beauty:love:. Shalomjude has one:yes:
  8. She's a beauty, congrats!!! :party:
  9. Great, great, bag for your first LV!!! Congrats and enjoy it!! The white leather will not turn color at all! It's awesome!
  10. :drool: Wow!!! So beautiful.....great choice!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. WOWWW that is a GREAT bag for a first LV! She's beautiful, congrats!
  12. Stunning, congratulations! Love the color!
  13. congrats! lovely..
  14. awesome choice. congrats!!!!
  15. what a starter!!! ur bag is gorgeous!!!
    Congrats :smile:
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