My first LV denim: Lichen Denim Baggy PM! (pic)

  1. As some of you might know that I've asked which green denim should I get: baggy PM or speedy. I got the green baggy PM! :love: I am so in :heart: with the lichen colour that I'm planning to get the green denim speedy, too.
  2. congrats..I love this to see the pics..
  3. I have this bag also and I love it.
  4. Congrats.
  5. Sorry, just editted the message to put the pic. I had to reduce the file size so I can post it.
  6. beautiful!!!! love the color and style..
  7. Congrats! : )
  8. So lovely, congrats!
  9. Thanks. It is very comfortable, too.
  10. It is one of my favorite LV bags!!
  11. it's so cute! congrats!
  12. Lucky girl! Green is my favorite denim color too, although the other two are close runner ups! Congrats.
  13. very very very nice :smile: congrats
  14. that color is really growing on me
  15. congrats! I love the baggy pm