my first lv-damier speedy 30

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is a Mommy!!!!
Oct 1, 2006
that looks really great on you! i've been debating about the damier speedy too, i find that it's too dark and brown-y for me...but we'll see!

congrats again! :smile:


Jul 26, 2007
thanks all.

anghelq: i am 5,5 tall, and 58Kg weight. Actually at first i am also hesitating between 25 and 30, as 25 is really cute and afraid 30 to be bulky. finally i chose the one which is more functional, and it really can holds tons.

a4alice: Yes, the scarf is from burberry. I went to the factory shop in London last month, and 100% wool is only 29 pounds; it is really cheap, isn't it?

Just_jill325: i know what you means. i had the same concern and felt the pattern is too mature. But think it needs low maintainence, and can be used for many years.