My first LV! Damier Alma

  1. Hi everyone! In a panic, I went to the boutique today to check whether they had increased prices (and actually I called earlier and they said they hadn't but of course I wanted to see it for myself.) And even though I am going on a business trip and might find it cheaper there, I felt so relieved that the prices hadn't gone up, that I took the plunge. Here she is...
  2. Beautiful :smile: ...congrats, glad you took the plunge! I love the Alma bags, it's practical and beautiful. Enjoy!
  3. well done! I have seen ladies carrying it and they look cool. :smile: :love:
  4. I have not seen this bag in person yet, but love the pictures. Congrats on your purchase!!
  5. Nice! I like the Alma in damier canvas much more than the monogram :love:
  6. Thanks, everyone!!! (But seriously folks, I am running at the speed of 1 bag every 2 weeks..wickedassin, anyone, intervention?)
  7. She is a beauty!!!
  8. It's beautiful.
  9. i like the damier alma much better than the mono...good choice, nice bag!
  10. Nice bag! My very first LV was the Damier too...however I bought the bucket one...way back then!
    Good Choice!
  11. Excellent choice!!! That one is on my list for later this year. It's such a classy looking bag.
  12. The Alma is beautiful in the Damier!!!! Congrats!!!
  13. Beautiful Bag! Enjoy. Glad you got it at the pre-increase price.
  14. Congrats on your new, beautiful bag!
  15. congratulations!! the damier alma is gorgeous