My First LV CB Papillon!

  1. I found a LV that really caught my eye, the Papillon! As I was researching it I came across the CB one and i knew I had to had one! So I sold my Bbag and found a nice one at a good price! She's so lovely! Hardly any patina, the only flaw is a weird waterspot on the handle! It was so cool because when I got her I wiped her down with a wet cloth and when the leather dried it dried the slightest bit darker and now the trim is a delish super light honey color! I'm so excited!! She holds everything I need, I just have to get use to holding a bag on my arm lol! So excited!!!
    papillon1.jpg papillon3.jpg papillon2.jpg
  2. it looks great! congrats!
  3. im not a fan of the papillion but it looks nice on you =]
  4. Looks MAJOR! Congrats!
  5. Gorrrrgeous!!! :biggrin:
  6. Very nice, it looks great on you... Congrat's.
  7. Such a pretty, feminine bag! I love the papillon shape!
  8. What a cute bag! Let-Trade has one right now. It's really pretty...Congratulations it looks great on you!
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. I love it! Looks great on you!
  11. so pretty, congrats! I have one too and it's my fav. bag. :love:
  12. Very nice, congrats!
  13. Wow it's awesome! I love it :smile:
  14. stunning!!!!! it looks brand new :drool:
  15. Sooo pretty -- looks great on you :smile: Enjoy your first LV