My first LV came today and I HATE it!!

  1. I'm so sick with disappointment, I could cry! After waiting forever to finally get a LV I ordered the PH before the price increase this week. It seemed so perfect, just the right size (the piano/mezzo and BH I thought would be too big), I loved the shape and the tote style with shoulder strap (I think carrying the speedy in my hand all the time would annoy me). I practically ripped the eLux box apart when it arrived today and then when I tried on the bag....UUGGHH!!! The bottom was so stiff and structured that it felt akward to carry under my arm and I really didn't think it would be so "triangly". I already called eLux and repackaged it to send back. I'm devastated!:sad:
  2. I'm so sorry about your disappointment. Are you considering another LV or something else? I hope that you end up finding something you like.
  3. :cry: Sorry to hear that, I've been there. It is hard to pick from a catalog or just pics. I hope you get yur money back or something that suits you better.
  4. I am sorry to hear that for your first LV..
    Do you plan to exchange it to something else?
  5. OH HELL FIRE!!! Just know you can exchange MUST LOVE your 1st just found the wrong one! :sad:
  6. poor thing. exchange it for the BH. sounds like the bag for you (way less structured then the PH) and really, i think it only went up $35 in price.
  7. oh no :cry:

    i hope you find something else that you would absolutely love.

    thats the biggest problem i have when purchasing online .. i don't get to see the real thing and sometimes make huge online purchase mistakes.
  8. You bought the Mezzo?Sorry I am confused. or the Piano?
  9. Aww, it must feel frustrating when that happens! :sad:
    Is there any way you could go to a LV store in person so that you could try on the bags that you're interested in?
  10. Eeek, that sucks :sad: Definitely return it if you're not happy with it. If you have an LV boutique nearby, I would go in and try on a few different things, like eyelove suggested. Good luck, I hope you find something you'll love :smile:
  11. I live 3.5 hrs north of NYC so I'll just have to drive down to the store and try things on before I buy. The PH seemed so perfect though....
  12. Oh, that's a shame. Really, check out the Batignolles Horizontal. It's got a nice feminine shape but is more slouchy and is very comfortable to wear.
  13. Oh so sad lilypug! I hope you get your money back, and buy one you truly like!
  14. yikes... well don't give up.. can we help you find another one? i have a vavin gm and i luv luv luv it!! it is slim and slender all the way thru. and pretty roomy... let me know if you have any questions..
  15. Eeep! That ain't good!! Just get to a store ASAP the sight and smell of all that LV will make you forget the PH and you'll find a bag you love!!