my first lv bag

  1. hi there!!! mbarbi here from the philippines...just got my first lv bag last april...its a poppincourt haut..i love love it!!! :biggrin: i thought of buying a speedy since many say that its the first lv purchase you should make and its a classic..but i find it hard to carry a handbag since i plan to use it everyday even when im out with my kids..:blink:

    now i cant seem to stop browsing through eluxury to look for the next bag im going to buy...:smile:

    just wanted to say hi to all of you..:smile:
  2. mbarbi - hi! and welcome to the Purse Forum! you're going to have LOADS of fun on here!!!
  3. Hello!! Welcome to the PF!!!! and CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BAG!!!!!
  4. Hi. *Waves* Welcome and congrats.
  5. welcome mbarbi! where are you in the philippines? Post a pic of you and the bag in that gorgeous weather!
  6. Welcome and watch out... this forum is VERY addictive!!! You'll be on your 5th LV bag by the end of this year! :graucho:
  7. Welcome to the forum! *Beware* this forum will be a start of a very dangerous addiction. :biggrin: Congrats on your new bag!
  8. Hello and welcome!
  9. Welcome!! I am hoping to get a popincourt, too! Such a cute bag. I have the speedy 30 and two kids. I am able to carry it no problem, I just hook it on the crook of my arm. The only time it is difficult to manage is when I am pushing a stroller.
  10. Congratulations! The Popincourt Haut is the bag I carry every day and I just love it!
  11. Welcome to PF!:flowers: CONGRATS on your new bag!!!
  12. Hello! Welcome!! Your gonna love it here, it's addicting and so are the bags!!!!
  13. mbarbi welcome! we belong to the same country ! great i love that your proud to say honestly where your from i did receive a pm fr a member here and she happens to come from the phils too but as said in her pm "she just doesnt mention it" ...imo nothing to be ashamed. congrats on your first LV its a start of more LV's to come yay :smile:
  14. Congrats and now we're bag twinsies ! The PH was actually my first bag too, great choice ! ;)
  15. thanks so much for the warm welcome :smile:

    yeah i know..its very addicting..i used to say that i won't buy an lv because it costs so much..actually it was my hubby who kept on saying that i should have one and that he would buy me so glad i gave in hehehe :biggrin:

    i used it everday til i noticed that the part that touches my hip got a stain..i think it was from the dark wash jeans i always wear..:sad: good thing my husband remembered what the lady told us that if ever that happens we should try to remove the stain with a white worked!! so now im letting my precious bag rest first..

    actually im thinking of getting the papillon 26 in damier birthday is coming up this august and im excited to have my hands on another lv bag :smile: