My First LV bag

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  1. I am going to be buying my first LV bag in the next few months but I can't deside which one. (I have a red LV vernis wallet, but that is it and some other designer bags but this will be my first Major bag purchase)

    Manhatten PM
    Mono Alma
    Denim Neo speedy in Pink
    Wht MC Alma or Speedy
    Vernis Houston
    Vernis Malibu Street
    Vernis Bedford
    Perforation Speedy 30 in Fuchsia

    I LOVE all these, what do you all think would be best
  2. Mono Alma it is a classic.
  3. i say MC Speedy 30....WHITe!
  4. Manhattan PM
  5. Pink Neo Speedy! It is only for the summer.
  6. SO far everyone has voted for a different bag LOL,
  7. Manhattan PM - But the GM looks better, except for the buckle.
  8. Manhatten or the Alma! monogram is always a can use it all year around!
  9. Manhatten PM!
  10. Mono Alma
  11. White MC Speedy :heart: Love that bag!! :biggrin:
  12. Mono Alma!!!:love:
  13. Any of your classic monogram choices, I think thats a good way to start. But maybe snatch up the perfo cause it's limited?
  14. Of the ones you mentioned, I like the Alma the best.
  15. Manhattan PM - but, I am biased as it was my first LV bag as well.:smile:
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