my first LV bag!

  1. i'm deciding on which LV speedy 30 i wanna get...

    Can someone tell me the pros/cons of:

    Damier Azur

    Damier Canvas

    I'm leaning towards the Damier Azur :p I will be placing my orders in a few days with the free shipping deal! =)
    please help!!
  2. One of the pros of Damier is that it doesn't have vachetta leather, so there's no worries about water spots. It's more of an all-weather bag than Damier Azur.
  3. I just bought the Damier Azur speedy 30!!!


    we'll post pix when i get it!! ah super excited! my first AUTHENTIC LV bag!!!
  4. moving to LV Forum. . . .
  5. I love the damier azur but i still havent used mine... I just think its sooo pretty. I was torn btw the two but i decided with the azur. Sorry im not helping so much.
  6. I have both and love them. If I could only have one, I guess I would with regular damier as it does not have vachetta to worry about.
  7. Enjoy and congrats!
  8. my vot goes to mini lin ebene...
  9. Either the Damier Azur or a mini lin....both are gorgeous.
  10. I love the Damier Azur.
  11. I'd go with Damier Azur ;)
  12. Azur!
  13. love the azur, congrats on your first bag!
  14. I just ordered the Azur 25. I have the Mono in that size ~ and a Damier Illovo.

    First bag? hmmm.... maybe the Damier? Depends also on whether you like the vachetta.
  15. regular damier :tup::tup: