My first LV bag reveal =) plus long story!


Aug 31, 2011
Hello everyone,
I hope it’s okay that I share a somewhat personal but LV related story to my reveal. I have been literally raised with LV. My mother was a huge monogram collector and there are pictures of me wearing monogram items when I was a toddler (yeah I have no idea what my mom was thinking but she wanted me to love handbags I guess, it worked!). As I grew up, I started to actually resent LV because I saw it as too “pretentious” and my mother and I had a rough relationship throughout my teen years and so I attributed my frustration toward her to LV as well. She probably had over 50 LV pieces (this is a conservative number).

When I was 19, my mother was diagnosed with ALS (the disease that the ice bucket challenge revolved around). In short, it changed our lives and my mother lived with the disease for only a few months. Although I did not care at the time, she did leave all her LV items (along with her other possessions) to me since I was her only daughter. But unfortunately, her last husband was very money hungry and actually sold most of her collection behind our backs (before and after she died). At the time, I was more hurt that my mom was gone and not that her collection was gone and I just moved on.

I knew one day I could start my own LV collection that would be just my own and in memory of her. And I started with SLGs…and I have to say I definitely have the LV gene that my mom had. Even though we couldn’t share it together, I can now at least build my collection with memories of her. Plus I hope that her collection is still living on in other people’s lives (hey maybe one of you have her vintage items).
So alas, here I present to you my very first LV bag, which is really only just a clutch but hey it’s a start. I am in the US and was very excited to find a made in France item as well.

To top it off, I bought this item for myself in completion of my PhD comprehensive exams. So its been a journey.

Now I really want to get a smaller SLG to use in my Eva. Yes, I am taking suggestions =)
Thanks for letting me share.

(PS – If any of you are Eva owners, is it normal for the zipper to be a bit “wavy”, see pics for reference, I’m not too concerned but it looks kind of weird). Thanks!!



Jan 10, 2013
Congrats on your first LV and completing your exams. Your mom would be so proud of your accomplishments and your awesome attitude! Wishing all the best to you!


Oct 8, 2006
Loved your sweet story❤️I'm so very sorry about the loss of your precious mom
Your Eva is beautiful I have her as well and love it!!!


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Sep 21, 2014
My first LV was the Eva in the Monogram pattern. The zipper isn't wavy though. My Sarah wallet fits nicely inside if I'm running to the store. For other quick errands, I love the option it gives me to throw in just what I need to get out the door - ID, CC, cell phone, lipstick, keys- without carrying my larger LV pieces. Congrats on your recent accomplishments. Best of luck in the future!


Oct 14, 2013
In a Pile of Scarves
Lovely piece! And congrats on completing your exams. Your mom would be so proud! I think it's a lovely idea to collect some pieces to both start your own tradition and carry on her memory.

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
Edmonton, Canada
We're almost the same! My Mom was collecting LV long before I was even born, she still continues to do so, and she has amassed a huge collection that will be passed onto me one day as I'm her her only child. There are even pictures of me as a baby/little girl curled up sleeping inside the old mono Keepall B 55 that was once my diaper Mom still has it too. I obviously grew up loving LV, the monogram and quatrefoils have the same childhood nostalgia to me as the Disney logo and mouse ears may have to other people in my generation.
I'm very sorry for your loss, but applaud your optimistic attitude!


Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
I am sorry for your loss - that's hard.

Beautiful bag!

Be Blessed MoNikki


Jan 29, 2014
forever summer
I love your story and the thoughts you have about your mom's bags out in the world, bringing joy to others. Congrats on finishing your exams, and keep us posted as you grow your collection.


Jul 26, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Thank you for sharing this. It's too bad you didn't get your inheritance as your mother wished, but no doubt she would love that your enjoying her interests. I hate money hungry step parents. I've recently dealt with this a little with my now deceased father's wife. But, you are starting fresh and rewarding your hard work. Congratulations on such a great piece.


Apr 2, 2014
Orange County, CA
Thank you for sharing that story, your mom's memory lives on with each of her LV pieces all over the country. And I'm sure each one will be well loved by their new owners. Sometimes I look at my pre-loved items and wonder who and where they came from. Congrats on your new LV, your achievements and your blossoming collection :smile:


LV Addict
Jan 28, 2014
Know that your Mom is smiling on you each and everyday. She is forever in your heart and memories. How wonderful that you want to continue collecting in her memory. Beautiful choice!

Damier Dme

Feb 11, 2012
Beautiful story, and beautiful bag! As far as the zipper, it would bother me, too, but go with your gut. You have more experience than others with one bag! But that may be a recurring feature on this bag. Your mom sounds lovely and I'm happy that you can carry something that reminds you of her. :flowers:


Aug 28, 2013
So sorry for the loss of your mom. Lovely bag. I would check the store and look to see if another Eva has a less wavy zipper.