My first LV bag! Quick reveal :)

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458844443.437598.jpg
    My little boy thought I was too slow..."I'm helping mommy". "Present for me"
  2. Here :smile:
  3. But then I got control again ;)

    A speedy b 25 in monogram!
    And a little clés in Damier Azur!
  4. Quickly got help with the clés..

    But control again:
  5. Lovely! Watch out for little sticky jam fingers! :P
  6. Congrats!! Beautiful pieces :smile:
  7. Congratulations!!!!! Gorgeous pieces!
  8. hi, waiting to see the bag :smile:
  9. Awww, sweetest reveal ever with your little helper! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ Congrats on your first LV's!!
  10. How adorable! And what great choices too!
  11. What a cutie, ur lil boy. Congrats!

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  12. oh sorry my net was slow....very nice pieces.Enjoy :smile:
  13. Congrats!
  14. Beautiful!! Enjoy in good health!!
  15. Lovely items! Congrats!