My first LV bag? Feeling guilty...

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  1. For the record, I'm not one to carry designer handbags, because it simply has never been a priority for me. So no, I don't any LV bags. (yet?)

    I've never owned a Coach bag, or even a Guess bag. Normally, I'll carry either my smaller or larger Longchamp Le Pliage tote bag, which are both pretty subtle IMHO. However, recently, I've been doing a bit of research, and am finally considering getting an LV handbag.

    Reading through the tPF has definitely been enlightening--it seems that the majority of you own multiple LV bags. Besides feeling extremely jealous, I'm also a bit shocked because if I ever attempted to start up an LV collection it would financially cripple me. I don't mean to sound rude. It's just very ... impressive! :nuts:

    Anyway, I'm only considering getting one bag--probably a Speedy 25 (not sure if I want it in Mono or Azur), but basically, all signs point to "NO." :wondering I grew up in an upper middle-class household, and we never had problems with money, but I was raised to never consider buying luxury, high-end items for myself whenever there were other, cheaper options.

    But now, I really do want to spoil myself. With just one bag! My boyfriend has been giving me a really hard time since I've told him about this, and he has been urging me to stay away from people who are "obsessed with designer stuff." I'm guessing he probably doesn't want me to become "high maintenance" (in terms of material things) but ...

    I REALLY WANT A SPEEDY 25! I just feel awfully guilty about wanting to drop a month's rent on a bag, but I know that I'll take very good care of a Speedy 25 and put it to good use (years!) I'm sure if my parents saw it they'd give me hell for it. I'm a college student and they're putting me through my $160,000 education. :s

    Anyone want to enable me? (i.e., tell me it's OK to spoil myself once in awhile, and that normal people who aren't rolling in the dough carry LV bags, too?) :angel: Thanks in advance!
  2. You may not be ready for your 1st bag yet. Is there an LV boutique you can go visit? That way, you'll be able to see the bags IRL & learn about the quality firsthand.
    Perhaps you'd be more comfortable buying a pre-loved bag for less money? Just be sure to educate yourself.
    I'd also recommend having the knowledgeable folks on this board take a look at a bag if you consider one on eBay, to be sure you're getting a good bag from a reputable seller.
    Whatever you decide, welcome to the board!;)
  3. If you purchase a Speedy you are purchasing a classic bag that will stand the test of time. How often do you have to replace your inexpensive bags? THere are people on here who have Speedys that are 17 years old plus. The bags are still in great shape and in style and will be for many years, so if you buy one now at 585 and wear it every day--even every other day for the next 5 years it comes out to nickels and dimes per use.
  4. Rileygirl is absolutely right about that.
  5. Oh, and every woman deserves to treat themselves to luxe sometimes, something that makes them feel beautiful, in-fashion, and confident. A Speedy will do that....and classic monogram goes with everything!!!! What more cold you ask for?
  6. It is a big decision. It took me years to buy my first LV, for similar reasons that you have. But I have to say that I do not regret making that investment.

    Go to a Boutique if you can and try on the Speedy 25. It has to look and feel right for you. I recently purchased a Speedy 25, however I originally intended to purchase the Speedy 30. If you love it, then get it. If you still have doubts, take some time to decide.
  7. Good Luck on your decision, but I have to say that every girl should have at least 1 designer bag on their arm! (and I think you should go for the speedy 25 mono, IMO). I always said if I was going to get a LV My first would be a mono piece.)
    I wish you the best! And Welcome!!
  8. If you DO buy an authentic LV, are you prepared for all the "flak" that your BF and family are going to give you? If not, maybe you should wait until you feel ready to carry one without all the guilt you might feel, but if you are ready to proudly carry one of the finest designer handbags available, then by all means......go for it, and wear it well !!!!!!
  9. Sounds like your not ready yet. When you are, you will know and then no one will be able to make you feel guilty about it.:smile:
  10. Buy the bag when you are ready.
  11. My first bag was a speedy 25. I told my husband it would be the one and only... but beware... it's an addiction that catches on fast!
    I couldn't believe the price I paid for my speedy 25.. then, 1 year later I must have acquired several more bags and accessories... it boggles the mind!

    I agree with travelbliss.. if your family is not ready for you to spend that kind of money on a "luxury" item.. then maybe you should wait a little. It really means a lot, to at least get your husband's blessing.

    Best of luck Molli and welcome to tPF!
  12. First of all, don't listen to anyone else... even me for that matter.

    You do what YOU think is right. If you really want one, then buy one! Maybe you should consider getting one used on eBay or something, just be CAREFUL, there are MANY fakes on eBay.

    I about killed myself when I bought my first Coach bag. I could not believe that I was about to spend almost $200 on a purse....... ahhh the good old days! Now I drop $2,000 without even blinking an eye.

    Let me warn you, it can be very addidctive!:yes:

    Let us know what you decide! The speedy is a great choice!
  13. It is a very classic bag, and should last a long, long time.

    Not only in terms of quality but style.
  14. I would wait until you have the confidence to carry a higher end designer bag. Why buy something and then worry about what your family/boyfriend will say? You will know when the time is right; when all you feel is joy and excitement and not a twinge of guilt!
  15. Maybe I over read this ...... but with WHOSE money will you be paying the bag with? ..... yours? boyfriends? parents?

    If the money is coming out of your pocket, I say go for it. I mean your going to college which isn't a very easy thing to do and I'd say not only you but almost every girl deserves 1 designer bag.

    However, if buying this bag will put you BEHIND in paying anything like your rent then I wouldn't get it because paying bills is always a first but if this is saved extra cash then I would get it.

    Good Luck on your final decision! :flowers:
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