My first LV bag..damier neverfull or damier speedy?

Dec 13, 2008
Which is a better buy and not so common? considering that i want to use the bag for all occassions? or do both bags look casual? damier speedy has been around for many many years, whereas damier neverfull launched less than 1 year. the bag should be lasting too.

If you were me, which will you pick for your first LV bag:

1) damier neverfull pm
2) damier speedy 30

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$ Doesn't Buy Class
Sep 23, 2007
well, the neverfull is def less common since its newer, but for your first bag i would suggest a speedy. its such a classic and much needed piece in anyones collection


the speedy and nf are both seen everywhere...however i see the nf more than the speedy. i definately think the damier speedy would be a better option because its so classic and timeless, and it has a zipper. it doesnt look huge but it holds EVERYTHING! also, the structure makes the bag look more luxurious than the nf. but if you want a shoulder bag, get the neverfull. the damier nf will probably be my next purchase since i already have a speedy...but i may end up getting the damier speedy 35 instead!

good luck and whatever u get will definately be a good choice :smile:
Dec 13, 2008
thanks all for your advices.. look like speedy 30 is a classic piece.

if I add mini lin speedy as the 3rd option?

1) damier neverfull pm
2) damier speedy 30
3) mini lin speedy

will you all still suggest that I choose damier speedy 30 for value ( as in more worth) and long lasting wise???

simply sweet

May 8, 2008
I personally prefer the speedy, BUT if your not a hand held type of person, the NM might be a better choice. Depends on what suits you better.