my first LV bag, Damier canvas speedy 30 or Idylle canvas with strap?


Mar 15, 2010
Hey girls,

I am about to have my first investment in a LV boutique. I want a speedy... it seems like Damier canvas speedy 30 is a timeless choice, the problem is you can see it everywhere. I saw the new Idylle canvas(mini print) with strap in store and I really liked it, but will the fabric bag hard to keep in shape?

Which one is better? Please give me some advise!
P.S or should I buy a balenciaga bags instead.... what do you think?;)


***Speedy Freak***
Feb 12, 2007
East Coast
Mono Idylle in the Fusion! Dark Brown and easy to keep clean. The new material is stonger than the Mini Lin, done is some type of light canvas.

Both are mostly dark brown but the Mono Idylle has a prettier, more feminine print.


May 5, 2007
If you want a practical and worry-free Speedy, definitely the Damier Ebene, and it's so elegant and so easy to wear! I also love my Damier Azur Speedy, very fresh and mine still looks new after two years. I'm personally not a huge fan of the Monogram Speedy, but that's just me. Idylle is pretty but the faric is of higher maintenance, and not as timeless as Damier or Monogram IMO.


Jul 20, 2008
Hah! I'm a lover of both Balenciaga & LV particularly the Speedys & since you're in the LV Forum people will be biased. I don't think Bal will come & go, itls also a Classic brand.

Since I'm in LV Forum, i'd say I really love the Idylle maybe because I already have the Damier Ebene Speedy, Azur & Mono. I think you can never go wrong w/ any Classic Speedys.


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Jan 24, 2009
Paris, France
Was in the exact same dilemma.. except back then it was the speedy ebene or speedy mini lin... ended up buying the speedy ebene 25.. wore it once ONCE!!!! i've now given it to my mum who suits it more than i do. Last saturday, became the proud owner of the mono idylle speedy 30 in encre. So i vote speedy idylle ^^ so so pretty :smile:

Kai Lien

Mar 4, 2007
I know you posted in the LV forum but I have to give you an honest opinion. Go for the Balenciaga! Their bags are so hot. Plus, I hear that they are having a price increase soon. It's more "rare" if you will and also has a timeless look. I love Damier and have a ebene speedy but I love my Balenciaga much more. I do use my speedy over the B only because it is canvas, no vachetta worries etc. I think the debate between the LV's you like would need less babying than the lambskin of a B bag. Carrying the speedy can be difficult if you don't like carrying it by the handles all the time and it rubs against your wrist if you wear it the other way. At least with a Balenciaga you can use the shoulder strap if you need to be hands-free. Are you looking for an everyday bag or for a special occasion? Anyways, I think the decision factor comes down to the style, wearability, and price you are looking for. If you can, go try out all the bags and see which bag suits your needs and looks the best on you. Sleep on it and then make a decision. Good luck.


Nov 18, 2009
Id definetely go for the damier speedy for a first. A monogram or damier speedy is like LV 101 to me.... But in a GOOD way. Its the bag that will ALWAYS remain, IMO.