My first LV bag and accessory!

  1. You may remember that I have a thing for small, impractical handbags. I was originally going to get a mini HL, but found something much more rare that I just had to get instead!

    Introducing.... my new Limited Edition Black Satin Monogram Mini Papillon! It is amazingly gorgeous and I love it so much!

    I also recently picked up a Monogram Mini Rond for a great price on eBay! And I'll be picking up a gently used Speedy 25 this week. After this, though, I think I'll up for the Toronto Meet!
  2. Oh, your purchases sound lovely. Please post some pics of the little satin number!
  3. How does this bag look? We neeeeed pictures!

    COngratulations! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats! pics! we love eye candy, he he
  5. Pictures!

    The Black Satin is surprisingly difficult to photograph! It looks kind of fuzzy in the picture, but it's completely smooth!
    rond (Medium).JPG satin_papillon (Medium).JPG
  6. I've always loved the Satin Mini bags!!! Congrats! :love:
  7. Oh it's gorgeous ... congrats!
  8. pretty, congrats!
  9. nice, what's the size of this bag? can you take a picture with something else beside it? i remember let-trade had one like that and i was about to get it but i didn't. ;)
  10. wow the satin papillon is so cute! it'll be the perfect evening bag!
  11. gorgeous! congrats!!!
  12. Gorgeous choice!
  13. congrats
  14. It's gorgeous! I absolutely LOVEEEEE the satin line :heart::heart:
  15. It's pretty small, especially when compared to a 'normal' papillon.
    holepunch2 (Medium).JPG keyboard (Medium).JPG holepunch1 (Medium).JPG