My first LV bag and accessory!


1 <3 Lyndee!
Oct 19, 2007
You may remember that I have a thing for small, impractical handbags. I was originally going to get a mini HL, but found something much more rare that I just had to get instead!

Introducing.... my new Limited Edition Black Satin Monogram Mini Papillon! It is amazingly gorgeous and I love it so much!

I also recently picked up a Monogram Mini Rond for a great price on Ebay! And I'll be picking up a gently used Speedy 25 this week. After this, though, I think I'll up for the Toronto Meet!


Certified LV Addict
Oct 30, 2006
Houston, TX
nice, what's the size of this bag? can you take a picture with something else beside it? i remember let-trade had one like that and i was about to get it but i didn't. ;)