My First LV baby, the Tivoli PM

  1. I just got this on valentines. I was never really a bag person (more so a shoe person) but I fell in lo:love:ve with the Tivoli (plus, i'm getting married in a place called tivoli:smile:. I must say, though, this might start a new addiction! Beautiful bag. It holds a lot more then I expected!
  2. Congrats such a cute bag.
  3. congrats! nice bag!
  4. My favorite mono bag :love: . Looks great on you! Congrats!!
  5. congratulations! she's gorgeous!
  6. congrats...:tup:
  7. Congrats on your bag and wedding! :love:
  8. Congrats, it looks great on you. I'm on the waitlist for the GM. I can't wait.
  9. Very cute, it looks good on you!
  10. So very pretty! It looks great on you!
  11. Oh congrats! I love this bag!

    One of my best pals has it and I ooh and aah over it everytime I meet her carrying that. :drool:
  12. Congrats. BTW, I was a shoes person until I found TPF.
  13. I am really liking your bag. It looks great on you. Enjoy - and congrats on your upcoming wedding.
  14. Congrats on your first LV! :tup: My first LV purchase (11/06) was the Lockit, French Purse & Key/Change Holder. Saw someone with the GM today at lunch, but it's pretty big. I've been debating on the PM (currently on hold for me until Saturday) -or- Chanel Caviar Petit Shopping Tote Black/Gold since already have an LV. :s I guess I have a few more days to decide, not to mention the 2 hour drive. :girlsigh:

    Best Wishes to you on your Wedding Day!:yahoo:
  15. congrat for your new bag...