My first LV! Artsy or Graceful?

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  1. Hi ladies! I need help (not sure if this post is allowed). I am torn between the Artsy and Graceful (leaning towards Artsy). I have never owned a LV and can't wait too. Will be purchasing tomorrow. What are your experiences with these bags? Any
    pictures? What about the Damier Azur material (I live in Texas)? Any helpful tips are welcome. Also, what is the warranty with a new bag?

    Any different bag recommendations?


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  2. I ❤️ Artsy. I have one and the bag just makes me smile.
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  3. Always love the artsy. And I love DA for Texas.

    both bags seem bottomless pits for the stuff I carry. I find myself flipping around the contents in those styles but love the look.

    Definitely follow your gut artsy da! post pics!
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  4. I don't carry hardly anything but I just love the look. I hope I don't regret getting a larger bag. Is it good on the shoulder?
  5. I forgot to mention that I ALWAYS get multiple compliments, often from strangers, when carrying my Artsy. (I’m not the only one who loves it).
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  6. Because it's beautiful lol. I haven't seen it in person yet. Going tomorrow.
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  7. I love mine on the shoulder. That is how I usually carry it, but be careful bc I couldn’t buy a DA artsy (I think that’s the best print for the bag and almost broke my no vachetta rule to get it) bc the handle was too uncomfortable so I got the monogram with the braided handle.
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  8. Is the monogram handle different? What's wrong with vachetta? This is my first purse. I feel like the monogram is a lot sometimes. I waffle back and forth.
  9. The regular monogram handle is the same. I got a limited edition one that is painted, treated leather so its color shouldn’t change and it won’t get damaged in water.
  10. So nothing is wrong with vachetta, I just don’t like it. It’s a personal preference thing. Most LV owners (esp on here) likely disagree with me about it.
  11. Look at measurements. I liked Artsy till I saw how big it is, especially if you don’t carry much. In the DA it’s a beautiful bag.
  12. Artsy!
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  13. Artsy! Especially in the DA - it's a stunner! And in Texas, you'll get lots of use.
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  14. Artsy :happydance:
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  15. If you want comfort go for Graceful. If you want look go for the Artsy.
    Both bags are great. I have a mono Artsy and I love her but I hardly ever carry her because it’s too bulky and the handle hurts my arm/shoulder. I also have the Delightful, which is the older version of Graceful and I use it often because it’s soooo comfortable.
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