My first LV...any suggestions?

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm saving up for my first LV. Spending my money on several designer bags just can't be my priority right now (three small children, staying at home, etc.), so, I really want to pick a brand and design that is classic, trend-less (is that a word?) and timeless (I've done Coach...I'm ready for bigger and better). My favorite, both esthitically and for practical reasons (again, three kids, need lots of room), is the Monogram Speedy 30. Any thoughts from the designer handbag/lover's gallery before I make my big step? Would LV be a great first choice and as well, is the Speedy monogram a good one as well? THANKS!
  2. i love the speedy, it's so classic and a great LV bag. :biggrin:
  3. Mono Speedy 30! Or Damier 30 if you're worried about the Vachetta. I love my mono speedy!
  4. Very good choice!
  5. Bear in mind this is just my opinion...but my very first LV was the mono speedy 30...she's now 15 years old, but still in pristine condition...could easily sell her, but would never, ever part w/her!! It's indeed a true, timeless classic..and in my opinion a great one to start with!! It's so durable, holds soooo much stuff...I love her just as much today as I did the first day I brought her home!!!

    Let us know what you decide!!! And congrats in advance on your first LV!!!
  6. I was doing some research not long ago, and a site had an entire blog on caring for your LV bag. It kind of frightened me by all I read. As much care as I'll take of mine, reality is my lifestyle is running all over the city with the chitlin's, etc., and I'm planning on using that investment most days (with typcial exceptions)! It really has made me second-guess my purchase. I won't have time to obsess about it. Soo...someone please tell me it's ok to go ahead and 'just use it' (with common sense care, of course).
  7. Welcome!:welcome: I think it sounds like you'd be very happy with a speedy as your first LV! Congrats and show her to us when you get her!
  8. And (my first time at 'purse forum', how do I reply to someone's post? I was trying to respond to Rosemary, initially, but it ended up at the bottom. I'm pretty 'post' saavy in other venues...or thought I was...evidentally not!
  9. i think you have to click on 'quote'...
  10. Let's see...and thanks ahead of time.
  11. sure, it's okay, just to use it. maybe damier would be a great choice?
  12. yep, worked. :yes:
  13. I don't LOVE the Damier. (I just heard a gasp around the world.) Thanks for suggestion. As a neophyte into the world of LV, I'm currently only attracted to the monogram (the epi is beautiful, if I had more than one piece).
  14. I will! It might be a few months. For some reason, my husband doesn't seem to understand why a few weeks after Christmas, I'm still asking! ;)
  15. You can't go wrong with the monogram canvas, and the speedy is a classic. Go for it! I hereby give you permission to "just use" your bag and enjoy it without obsessing about taking perfect care of it. :p Louis Vuitton bags are made exquisitely well and will last for years. I take good care of my bags but don't baby them at all, and they still look almost new.