My First LV... Any Suggestions?

  1. Hi! So this is my first time posting and I'm in a real dilemMa cuz I can't decide on what my first LV should be. I've saved up some money and really wanted something functional yet cute (of course! :yes: ). I wanted to get a set (wallet and bag), but totally cannot figure out which bag is the best and "in." I already know I want the mono pochette wallet and I'm just so indecisive about the bag. I need help! I know most people go with the Speedy for their first bag, but for me I don't think that's that most wise choice cuz my hands sweat A LOT and I don't wanna ruin the handles. HELP!
  2. Damier Canvas - Ravello PM and Zip Compact Wallet.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Monogram Canvas Petite Bucket and Porte-Monnaie Bilets Viennois
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Monogram Vernis Lexington Accessory Pouch, Bedford, Billfold and Monogram Vernis Koala Wallet.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Batignolles Vertical
  4. If your really want a speedy, tie a scarf on it, and when you carry it, wrap the scarf around the handles. This way, your hands are never in direct contact with the handles. This is what I do, and my handles are clean.
  5. y don't u go for damier that u don't have to worry abt handles
  6. Handheld Bag: Damier Speedy
    Shoulder Bag: Batignolles Horizontal
    Both: Damier Papillon
  7. Get a speedy 25!!! Welcome to the forum!!!!
  8. I also recommend a shoulder style bag if you are aware that you have sweaty hands, that will be troublesome to have to be aware of that and shoulder bags are much more convenient and comfortable as well. I personally wouldn't get a handheld bag if my hands were sweaty, handles that darken from this are really gross imo, I've seen auctions for bags like this on eBay and they are scary.

    batignolles horizontal(wider across) or vertical(deeper, taller version)These bags are really stylish and hot now and don't have leather bottom so are pretty low maintenance.
    cabas piano(smaller style) or cabas mezzo(these are the style Angelina Jolie wears with the triangular leather trim on the lower sides and leather bottom which I'm told gets really dirty if you are not vigilant about it, so this would be a high maintenance bag)
    luco tote(my friend said this is going to be discontinued but it's still in boutiques and is available on eBay at a great discount too but be sure to authenticate an auction here first) this is a great tote that is large and very simple with no leather piping and a canvas bottom, very low maintenance
    vavin gm(this is in the same family as the luco tote, it is the smaller version of it but still large, it doesn't have a generous handle drop though but can be worn on the shoulder easier to do without a bulky coat or clothing though)
    Good luck and have fun shopping! post pics of you with the bag you decide on please!
  9. I forgot about a bucket style as well, these are great, i always admire then on people and they are timeless as well. The picture of one posted in the first response by C-B, is a great choice! There is also the noe style in both small and large versions but there is a drawstring that I know I would find annoying to deal with, but a bucket is perfect and doesn't have that drawstring.
  10. I think the petite bucket is a great option too!
  11. if not a speedy what about the papillon? its cute!
  12. i love a bh but i think a cabas piano is a great first bag. very cute, nice size and classic.
  13. What about Mini Lin??
  14. anything damier has dark handles/straps, just in case you were wondering.

    does it have to be mono?
  15. damier saleya pm!