My first LV...and she's a beauty!!!

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  1. Would you like me to reveal my very first LV bag? I am so happy! :yahoo:
  2. yes !!! lets see :yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Here's a little tease....
  4. :popcorn:
  5. And a little prettier tease....
  6. Waiting patiently.....:reading::beach:
  7. Any guesses?

  8. Let me see!!!! :biggrin:
  9. Yay, first live reveal! Let's see it!
  10. Here she is!

  11. OMG!:nuts: I LOVE this bag! What size is it? It looks like a 30 on the photo. Congrats!!!!!:heart:
  12. beautiful! congrats! what a GREAT first bag!
  13. I am so happy....I have wanted this bag, and thought I missed the opportunity. I saw a post on here about one being at the Beverly Center in CA, so I called, but it was gone. The wonderful SA (in my opinion, the best SA anywhere!!) called several stores for me until she located it at Bloomingdales in NYC. She arrived Fed Ex today.....I felt like I was waiting for Santa today because I knew I needed to stay home until the Fed Ex guy got here today.

    I am afraid she won't be my only LV.....but she will be my only one for a while!
  14. beautiful. congrats.
  15. Well, you're off to a good start!!!!:nuts: It's gorgeous!