My first LV and I feel horrible about it =/


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Dec 24, 2006
I'm new here and new to LV. My boyfriend just gave me my Christmas gift and it is a LV Denim Pleaty. I love bags but I don't own anything so high luxury. But the reason why I feel horrible is because even though I was super enthused about it, we both kind of thought "wow that is really tiny". Honestly, I work in Manhattan and I would be so nervous carrying around a $1200 bag in my hands...I'd be so paranoid that someone would just rip it out of my grip. My boyfriend wants to exchange it and get something slightly bigger or at least a little bit more practical like a shoulder bag. When I went on the website and saw the prices there was no way that I could pick out something else that's bigger and have him pay even more, he says it's not an issue. I know that I don't really have a direct question, but I would appreciate any feedback on people that do have this bag or maybe recommendations on something different. I love him to death but I'm completely flabbergasted that he would get me something like this..
Its Christmas

get something nice for yourself
something you really like to own and use

Price sometime does matter but HEY, its christmas
if you spend too much this time, ban yourself from getting one for a while!

anyway, you do have a NICE BF
well the monogram canvas is cheaper. You could get a speedy 30 for 620 dollars and get something else cuz he paid 1200. thats up to you though, you may not like that line. As far as the denim I'm not sure, I'm not a huge fan of the denim.
ohhh! recommendations are fun! lol let's see umm...BH is on the 'cheaper' side of the bigger bags and it's VERY useful. Others that I like are Damier (azur) Saleya MM or GM, Antigua MM or GM, and Cabas Mezzo, Epi Passy PM, Mini Lin Bucket PM (might be a lil small) and hmmmmm....well Vernis Houston and Brentwood are HOT but they're really structured/stiff and might be a lil more expensive. Well let us know you final choice :biggrin:

btw, you have an AWESOME BF lol, and the lil pleaty is cute too :biggrin:
If you don't feel comfortable then get something you DO feel comfortable with...whether it's a LV bag or something else. I love the denim line....the baggy pm/ gm may be better for you. If you don't feel right carrying something that expensive then get something cheaper. YOU are the one carrying it - you have to love one else.
ITA with the other people you should go to the store and choose something you like. And doesn't have to be that expensive or tiny either. There are other bags that will meet you halfway in style and price range. Good luck!
Welcome to the forum. I thought there are a lot of people carrying LV (fake/real) in Manhattan, so it shouldn't be a problem to use it. Don't carry it and walk in the dark alley alone though^^, Merry Christmas!!!
aww... don't feel bad! that's very sweet of your boyfriend to buy you such a nice gift. i personally feel that lots of denim pieces are overpriced... you can get a nice, roomier bag for under $1000. one of my favorite shoulder bags is the batignolles horizontal... the popincourt haut seems to be another popular bag too.

but if you don't like the mono canvas, you can get a damier bag instead.
I live in manhattan, and since every single woman has a (fake) lv bag, you probably won't stand out or generate too much attention. Whether you keep it or not is up to you, but you have nothing to be scared about walking around with a bag like that in NYC.
I have the Denim Pleaty and I absolutely LOVE it!! The denim is sooo very flexible you can actually hold a lot in the little guy (girl? :smile: )...What's so awesome about this bag is that it can be used casual and also is the perfect size for going out--fits snug under your shoulder and the gold hardware makes it stand out for evening wear!

Wear it around the house for a bit--stuff it with your daily stuff (cell, wallet, gloss, etc) and see if it grows on ya! If not, like everyone has said...there are a TON of gorgeous things you can exchange it for!! What a fun gift and a great BF!!