My first LV, and a dumb question!

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  1. My dad bought this for me as a xmas gift.. He told the seller at LV he wanted a speedy 30. But i think the seller might have got i wrong?! so is this the 30? [​IMG]

    Sorry for the smokes,not mine! had to compere the bag with something worldwide :shame:

    And one more thing, on this flap it is printed 35. [​IMG]

    Here is the card sayin 35 : [​IMG]

    And here it says 30: [​IMG]

    Thanks for any help! (btw,my english sucks,hope you understod.)

    I really LOVE the bag,but i want to know the size! :smile:
  2. If it says 35 under the flap then it's definitely not a's a 35! Do you like the size? I'm thinking of getting this bag, and am wondering if it's too big?!

    Congrats on the new bag!
  3. It did look bigger than 30...if the number is 35, it should be speedy 35, not a speedy 30.
  4. luv my bag: Love the size,not to big at all! thats why i am confused. Thought the 35 would be bigger. But my dad asked the seller for a speedy 30,and the seller said "yeah,thats the most popular size, blablabla" and then he went to wrap it in.. Maybe i have got the 35 for the price of a 30??
  5. if you got it in 30's price, you definitely got a good deal. Who is the SA (new)? Congrats!!!
  6. Measure it! :yes: The longest side gives the size (if you measure in cm...) 30 cm = Size 30, 35 cm = Size 35 :P
    Btw, congrats!!!
  7. congrats!
  8. ooh wut a deal haha (shh!!) Congrats!
    I thought the 35 would look HUGE, but it doesnt look that bad!
    congrats! Merry Christmas!
  9. that isnt a speedy 30 but more like a 35.
  10. Thanks for all your help ladies! It must be the 35 ! funny that the seller sold it for a 30..God deal,oh yeah! Im very happy with it,cant wait to take it out! And the size is good,but i still cant belive the seller did that mistake! should i feel bad for not call them an tell? :wondering
    Gergirl: have to measure it tomorrow to be sure..!
    ilovepurses: thanks!!
    newaddiction:thanks and merry christmas to you to :smile:
  11. If you're happy w/ the size, there's no need to call them IMO. If they aren't able to give out the right size, then it's their problem. :shrugs: Their fault, my opinion :P
  12. Ooh, you got a good deal there! Congrats on your first one!!! :yahoo:
  13. I run over to the neighbours house to borrow a scale (?) It is the 35!! yey! even more happy now! good deals are greate! :smile:

    GerGirl: thanks for your opinion :smile: i agree,but feel a little bad ! :P
  14. Their mistake, your gain!!!

    Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  15. Totally agree.

    Looks like you scored yourself an upgrade hehe.