my first LV agenda!!

  1. I just got her yesterday...came all the way from Australia (I bought it on eBay, from a TPF'er). Thank you to the experts for authenticating.

    Anyway, it's GORGEOUS. I luv it. :yahoo: The cherries are sooo cute. The photos don't do it justice (the lighting was kind of weird, sorry for the somewhat blurry photos).

    front cover:

    inside (with Hello Kitty 2008 refill, bought separately):




    back cover:

    Anyway, I'm soooo happy with it, can't wait to use it. I got a pretty good deal on the agenda (about $350 US), and it looks like it's barely been used at all. :biggrin: As for the Hello Kitty inserts, I got those on eBay too. I paid a bit for those ($57) but IMHO it was well worth it. It is SOOO cute, i have to force myself to write it in it, LOL.

    I guess all I need now is a pen to fit in there!
  2. gorgeous, I love it! Didn't you get a matching pochette recently?
  3. Very nice, I love the red interior.
  4. Congrats!
    It's very pretty and I'm so envious of your Hello Kitty!
  5. beautiful!
  6. yeah, i did! i guess i just went crazy with the cerises...they're just so darn cute! :love:

    here is a pic of the two together: :love: :love: :love:

  7. ~Yay...CONGRATS!!:yahoo:I love your Cerises agenda-so pretttyyyy. I've been looking for an agenda, I might look into the Cerises. Great price too for LE:tup:~
  8. I am freaking IN LOVE with your Hello Kitty Agenda Pages! Too cute!
  9. I love it! It's especially adorable with the Hello Kitty inserts! I'm kinda jealous!
  10. Oh that's so cute. It looks lik eit's in mint condition. Great find!
  11. yay congrats! your agenda is so beautiful!!!
  12. Congrats on the agenda! Love the pochette too!:heart:
  13. That's beautiful, congrats!!!
  14. ooh - I just bought those inserts too! They look so pretty against the cheerful cherries.
  15. it's lovely!!