my FIRST LV, a mono speedy 40! box?

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  1. you can ask for a box. congrats on your first LV
  2. Congrats!

    Most of the time you have to request the box! :smile:
  3. Congrats on your new LV! I'm glad you went back and asked for a box. It's your first purchase and I know how you feel about wanting everything to be "perfect". I just got my Speedy 25 from South Coast Plaza and they forgot to give me the lock and keys. Even though I don't think I would use it but I still want to have them. When I went back to get the lock, I also asked them for the receipt envelop as well because they just gave me the receipt without it. You have the right to be picky since it's not like you're spending a couple of dollars. Talking about being picky, while I was there to buy it, I insisted on getting the one made in France because they gave me the USA at first. Enjoy your bag!:smile:
  4. anything bigger than the 30 is too big for me hehe..
  5. lalalalove, you are just like me! My DH makes fun of me, saying that sometimes I care more about the box than I do the actual handbag!

    I would go to the store and ask for a box in case you ever pack your Speedy in a suitcase. That is likely when you would need a box the most. Or if you were to move, and transporting it, etc.

    I'm sure the SA just made a mistake. Perhaps when you go to the store you could speak with a diff SA for assistance?

    But enjoy your Speedy 40 (box or no box)....I'm sure you'll love it!
  6. Congrats on your first LV purchase!

    Sorry that you didn't get the box, but at least you got a Louis carrier bag. When I bought my watercolour speedy they didn't have any large Louis Vuitton bags left so they gave me a Holt Renfrew bag! Sometimes that Yorkdale Louis store sucks! I say go back and ask for a box.

  7. you know it is funny when i got my speedy 30 last week i didnt get a box but i saw it right away and she was very nice about geting a box for me and even put a bow on it. it was very nice of her!! i was so happy.

    p.s. PLEASE POST PICS!!!
  8. I always ask for a box, if I need it... although sometimes I've asked for one simply because I didn't want the contents to get wet/damaged/etc on my way home, which is sometimes on an overpacked train, so the extra protection is needed.
  9. when i got my speedy i was asking for a box just because i like to have one but i was glad i got one as it started raining really bad on the way home.
  10. happy you got the box... I've always gotten one and they are pretty but I always fold them and store the bags without the box in the end. But it's nice to keep the boxes in case you'd ever want to sell or hand me down to a relative or friend, the box makes it extra complete I think. Congrats- I didn't see a post if you got the strap or not? If you did can you post a pic of the strap on the bag so we can see