my FIRST LV, a mono speedy 40! box?

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  1. i received my galliera pm without a it's ok... i didn't really need one anyway.
  2. I've received boxes for the few LVs that I have although I don't store my bags in them. I think the boxes are so pretty. Just a little tidbit: I was told by my SA to NOT store canvas bags in the box, only use the "envelope" because storing it inside the box could cause the canvas to crack! Yikes!
  3. Congrats on your speedy, ask for a box don't be shy!... in fact the next time i'm going to LV i'll be asking for 3 fold out speedy 30 boxes and 3 large drawstring dust bags as i'm sick of the whole storage situation i'm having right now! with these ridiculous envelope dust bags and boxes that a folded out speedy can no longer fit in aargh! (thanks for letting me vent on your thread lol)
  4. Yes, I wouldn't feel bad asking for a box. A bit over a year ago the company has internally become more environmentally focused. As you can see from this thread alot of people just throw their boxes away. The company has made an effort to cut down on environmental wastage in its workshops, offices and stores, one of which is it's packaging, hence a new guideline that staff wrap bags the way you received yours. But they are happy to give a box when requested. Usually if a SA knows it's a gift (I'm sure they figured out your husband wasn't buying for himself) they will automatically use the box. Only exception are wallets and small leather items which are shipped from the workshops in a box, so they will always come in a box
  5. This is such a fun many responses, and so quickly! I have to say I've never been "congratulated" on a bag before, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the camaraderie.:amuse:

    My purchase is growing on me more and more as the days go by, too... I'm so glad I decided on the speedy 40; I've always carried oversized satchel-type bags in the past so the roomy 40 doesn't feel too big at all. I think I'm going to have to bust out the sewing machine and make myself a personalized purseket, though... this bag is cavernous! and maybe one for the lil' sis, too, since she just got her first louis too, a damier speedy 30, a few months ago! I guess my mom's appreciation for the brand has rubbed off on us after all these years, growing up around her collection!
  6. I remember when I bought my first LV I was so excited that even after I asked for the box, I did not notice he did not give me one til I left 30 min later.
  7. hey lala! Dont worry its not silly, i had the EXACT same issue! hehe! and i also posted here, i bought my mono speedy 35 in Scotland edinburgh and was sooo disappointed coz it ws my first bag and i wanted it to feel special...anyway i live in bahrain and ws just home for a hol so ws leaving the next day. When i went to Bahrain i went into LV with my new speedy in tow and i gave them my luggage tag to get heat stamped, while i was there i told the guy about my grief over no box for my special 1st LV, he took my bag went through to the back and repackaged the whole thing in box and all, i was sooooo chuffed!
    If its really bothering you, u can go back and ask for it no problem :smile:
    The thing is if you want a box you should ask for it...enjoy your new bag
  8. Some SAs just don't give out boxes unless you ask. So, if you really want a box, then go back to LV and ask.

    I would recommend getting the strap for the Speedy 40. I have straps for my Speedy 30s (Damier & Mono) as well as for my Deauville and the straps are great to have!!! (Especially when you have to use a public restroom - yuck!!)

    The Wapity is very useful!! You can put a phone (depending on the size), lip balm, money, credit cards, etc. and use the Wapity at lunch when you don't want to carry the Speedy around town. You can also use the Wapity to hold a small digital camera. Many uses!! Go for it!!! Or perhaps look at the mini-pochette!! They are also very useful for holding small items!!

    Congrats on your Speedy 40!!! (I'm thinking of buying a Speedy 35 - I like oversize bags!!!)
  9. peace43, I keep trying to convince myself that I DO NOT NEED the strap, but those pictures of your speedies are wearing down my resolve! I just love the extra oomph that that darn silly strap gives. I'm trying to keep my $900 LV credit intact so I can get something for my mom the next time she comes out to visit me...she never treats herself to anything these days.
  10. when i was in vegas and got my mono pouchette they put her in a bag and when i was nearly out the store i noticed there was not a box so i went back to the sa and asked for a box lol
  11. When i bought my speedy in london i didnt get a box and when i asked for it they were like '' LV is going to reduce their amount of packaging, you know, to save the enviroment and that'' looking at me like i was some kind of.. enviroment spoiler! It was this stroppy spanish SA, she was really winding me up.

    Later i went to HARRODS and not even they had boxes! I was really gutted too :sad:

    But congrats on ur purchase!!
  12. Go buy the strap!! You won't regret it!! I'm guessing the strap is around $200ish but ask to see several versions. I had a strap that was all vachetta and was not adjustable that I used with the Mono Speedy 30. Then, when I got my Damier Speedy 30, I bought an ebene adjustable strap. When I purchased my Deauville, I purchased a strap that was all monogram and adjustable and had a shoulder rest.

    The mini-pochette is not that expensive - buy one for yourself and your mom!! Or buy a mini-pochette for yourself and get your mom a regular size Pochettte. You'll still have money leftover from your LV credit to go towards something else!!
  13. you have to ask request a box, unless you state that it is a gift for someone. if you dont do either, they will just give it to you in its dustbag
  14. i did end up going back to ask for a box when I was at the mall the other day, and she gave me a big enough one that i can fit my speedy 40 (in a dustbag, of course) in it perfectly without having to flatten it out. so, who knows if i'll actually use it, but it's nice to know that I have it.

    and peace43, I love your carryall!
  15. I bought my LVs ( 2 Speedy, Noe, Neo Cabby GM and the pochette) from all over the world (Rome, Venice, Dubai and Kula Lumpur) and I never received any boxes. They came in an envelope box or the usual LV paperbag with the dust bag, of course.