My first luggage!

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  1. Wow wow! So happy now, finally got my first mini luggage, anyone with me now?
  2. Here! Show us! :smile:
  3. I'm in..
  4. Guess which one I got? All of them look so gorgeous! Tell me which one is yr choice. Haha
  5. i like the Red pony ....
    i saw it also but went for tricolor royal blue
  6. Middle one would be my choice.. :smile:
  7. Here! Show us what you got. My choice would be the Snakeskin and lastly the Orange Ponyhair... ;)
  8. Hey gals, sorry for the delay.. Lets start this
  9. Hahaha
  10. Great looking bag! Congrats!
  11. Finally..
  12. Gorgeous!!! Is that Pony Hair?
  13. Yes dear, it's the pony hair.. Loving it.. Plan to bring her out excited
  14. Bingo, my choice too !
  15. oooooh the pony hair looks so soft! i love the color combo, take pics when you take her out!