My first LP reveal: Black DMT with Gunmetal hw!

  1. This arrived for me today! My first LP! It's just so smooshy, I could cuddle with it :biggrin:
    photo.JPG photo-1.JPG photo-3.JPG
  2. Great bag! Where did you get it? It has the same pocket style that my dark olive DMT has. I really love the front pockets on mine. . . and yours :biggrin:

    Oh, I see you won it on eBay! So, it's an older style, like mine. Not that there's any difference except the pockets. Enjoy the bag! I love mine. The leather is really awesome!
  3. It's gorgeous!!!:loveeyes::loveeyes:
  4. I can't stop smelling it! It's made of such luscious leather :cloud9:
  5. I know, I love that about LP handbags! I like it when I switch bags and take it out of the dust bag and that smell just comes out of the bag. It's wonderful!!
  6. Black LP leather is wonderful!
  7. I approve! I love LP's leather and the black is amazing.
  8. Beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  9. I have the same bag :smile: The black LP leather is super pebbly and soft!! Enjoy!