My first LP arrived last night

  1. Alex Zipper Tote in black leather!

    I am undecided, but I usually am when I get a new bag. I rarely ever feel love at first site with it.

    The pros:
    -smooshy, wonderful smelling leather
    -the great stitched handles
    -the great crossbody handle
    -the size

    The cons:
    -the smooshy leather (it doesn't really stand on it's own and I am not used to having a bag like that)
    -it isn't as dark of a black leather as the other modeling pics I've seen. The edges especially have a bit of a worn/greenish hue to them in certain light
    -the bag seems to shed leather bits a lot. Is this normal? I took it out of the box and played with it and checked it out. When I picked it up, there were small black bits of leather all over my comforter. Will it continue to do this? Not sure if I like the "shedding" factor.

    So, I am undecided. I like a lot about the bag but it really is different than what I am used to. I guess I am used to a more structured, finished leather (previously a Coach leather bag only customer). I will keep you updated.

    Any advice or thoughts are definitely welcome.

    I really like the fact that is has a lot of qualities that I love in the Balenciaga Velo. I love that bag dearly, but definitely cannot afford it, so I feel like the Alex is a nice compromise. :smile:
  2. Also, I have been dreaming of a lighter colored bag for the upcoming warm seasons although I know that being practical, the light bag, while looking great at first, will end up dirty and dingy or with color transfer, as most light bags do. This isn't saying anything on the LP but just probably another reason why I am not "feeling" it as much as I expected right now. This is just something I have to accept and get over. Light bags + life+ two kids=disaster :smile:
  3. I've carried a lot of Coach bags and have an idea what you mean about structure and finish. LP bags have a much more casual look and feel. The unfinished edges are definitely different and contribute to that casual look. I've read that others have had a shedding problem, but I never have. I know I wouldn't like that at all! Maybe it strikes some bags and not others. I don't have the Alex but I love the braiding detail. If you're not loving the bag after a few days, maybe you'd want to consider a darker, but not black for spring/summer. Maybe a dark olive or brown bag?
  4. I feel the same way about LP bags. I like the smooshy leather but I am definitely a fan of a bit of structure. The casual feel and unfinished edges makes the bag unrefined in my eyes. It is a great goto bag when I'm wearing very casual stuff.

    If you don't love the bag then return it and find a bag that you do love.
  5. Hi HISWIFETHEIRMOM, I understand totally about what did u say the pros & cons of LP bags. I have one LP that shed a little when it was new too. I also have other handbags such as coach, LV & Prada. The LP leather is very different for sure. However, I use LP bags more than others due to the laid back style. IMO LP is type of bag you use everyday, others I use on special occasion. LP leather is also so soft that you can even fold it. I bought my Alex after saw Kristin's thread & I love it. If you are not happy with, you should probably exchange for something else.