My First LP and OmG wow!!!

  1. The purple zip totes have been going cheaper than that on eBay.
  2. Your Crimson is amazing!!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing the great pics.

    Makes it so tempting to get one myself..........
  3. Thanks for great pics!!! I just bought the midnight colour of this bag and you have made me even more excited to get it :smile:
  4. Nice!! I debated the midnight as well. The red is not a bright candy apple but more of a deep wine. I am still wearing her today! Love this bag!!!

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  5. I have this bag in black. Love it so much, I've been carrying it for months!
  6. Yes i wondered about the straps also, it freaked me out a little when i noticed it with mine but then i went to check and i saw that it was normal, what a strange way for them to design them though...
    The bag looks great on you, love the colour.
  7. Thanks you!! How are you liking your moss green one I believe it was? That one looks great one you.
  8. Nice! I have this one in black, love it! the GHW just so great on this bag
  9. I am just loving my bag... I am alternating between this one and my cambridge satchel