My "First LOVES!!"

  1. I got my Indigo first and I love it!! It is very similar to Blueberry ...but it has a hint of purple in the light sometimes!! I LOVE it!! Thought I would get all my firsts together for a group shot....:heart::heart:

    Plus, I added a pic of my current Bag Storage, as I was off sick from work today, I thought I would re-organise "all my babies"!!:yes:
    Firstgroup1.jpg Firstgroup2.jpg IndigoFirst.jpg BagStorage.jpg
  2. WOWOWOWOWOWWOW :drool: :drool: :drool: Such a lovely family :love:
  3. OMG your collection is amazing... :heart: :drool: :heart: :drool: !!!!!!!!!
  4. :nuts: just GOOOOORGEOUS :drool: :yahoo: !!! Your 'First'-collection is AMAZING :drool: - beautiful colors, great taste :yes: !! CONGRATS HandbagAddict.... and thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :love:
  5. wahoooo!!! they're PRETTY!!!
  6. Gorgeous colors!!! Love that bright happy family!
  7. I love your little shelf full of bags! You've got an amazing collection :drool: Congrats on the indigo! I have the same one and love it to bits :love:
  8. Ooo the colours and charms are just divine! :smile:
  9. Thanks Ladies! I have tried to down size what I carry so I can use my firsts more....I do love my cities too but the first is very cute to carry!

    percephonie thanks, it was so cold today and I managed to get a really bad cold, so I stayed in and thought my bags could use a little lovin and organisation!!:heart::heart::heart:
  10. omigosh, love the colors!! That indigo is just TDF.
  11. Oh my GOD... I just want to dive into your closet, and never come out!!! :drool::drool:
  12. Oh no!:sad: Hope you get better soon:yes: Drink lots of fluids and keep warm (I'm gonna need extra blankets tonight, since it's freezing!) I'm sure organising your bags made you feel slightly better, especially with that lovely indigo there :love:
  13. :drool: i love your Indigo FIRST!!! thanks for sharing pics!!! Cute charms too!
  14. Luurve the colours!! They're all TDF.
  15. I adore all your firsts, but got a little bit of extra love for your indigo :p