My first Louis!!!!

  1. Cute cat ! But where's the bag? haha
  2. He is my baby Abyssinian , I got him yesterday from the breeder and I named after the great man himself, Louis Vuitton!!!!!!!!
  3. Awww how cute, congrats :smile: What a great name for a pet!
  4. LOL, he's adorable!
  5. Thanks guys!!

    On a side note, I am of to LV in Melbourne today and I can't wait, maybe I'll come home with a real LV!!!!!!!!!!
  6. He needs a Sac Chien! :p
  7. LOL, oh I know but I am getting a LV for me first lol !!!
  8. ITA!:tup:
  9. What a cutie! He's even cuter than a bag! John is right; he need a his very own Sac Chein!
  10. Cute but where's the vuitton?
  11. So adorable!! Congrats on your new "Louis Vuitton"!!
  12. Haha cute, my dogs name is Louis also and hes named after Mr. Vuitton:smile:
  13. OMG, what a darling baby -- he is just beautiful !! In fact he's purr-fect! :lol:

    I wish I could reach inside my screen and pick him up ... I could just about bite his little head off, if you know what I mean!
  14. He's very cute, and I think his name is very fitting. Congrats!