*~My First Louis Vuitton!~*

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  1. Hi!

    I'm Margaret and I'm 16 and I'm mostly hanging out in Coach or the teen thread in The Wardrobe, but I love to look around LV too!

    I received my FIRST Louis Vuitton in the mail today and I must say, I now know what you guys mean when you say you are addicted... I can't stop staring at my bag and I absolutely LOVE it. This will definitely not be my last... my next bag is going to probably be after summer when I get my paycheck from my summer internship, a boutique purchase this time: the Damier Neverfull MM!

    But for now, I'm happy with THIS:
    a vintage Mono Speedy 25 from 1991 (one year older than I am haha)

    Any ideas on how to clean it up a bit? I know about the baby wipes but what about the lock? Thanks!

    (Please excuse my sweats, it was a snow day today so I was just lounging around the house)

    Thanks so much to Rebecca (LVBabydoll) and Addy for helping me authenticate!



  2. oh congrats!!!

    some ladies have had luck with the mr. clean magic eraser... but i'm scared to push too hard! lol.
  3. congrats on your first LV!!

    I know about the baby wipes, they clean all!for the lock I would recommend this mr clean for iron things
  4. She is FABULOUS ~ Enjoy your new baby!
  5. clean the lock with brasso. Congrat's on your lv it looks great on you.
  6. It looks great! Congrats.
  7. Looks great on you! Such a fab bag! Congrats!! :smile:
  8. Congrats ~ she's beautiful!
  9. [​IMG]

  10. [​IMG]

    Aww, it's so fabulous on you!:yahoo: Congrats on your first LV and enjoy!
  11. Your bag is delish! The patina on the handles is perfect! And Bag Fetish is absolutely right - Brasso on the lock will brighten it right up.

    Congrats :yahoo:
  12. oooh, congrats on your speedy. that was my first LV too. i didnt realize you're so young. lol. as for the lock, i have an extra one if you would like it. i can send it to you.

    PS, i just checked out your youtube channel and.....i love "River Flows In You". you're so good. i was trying to learn to play "Love Hurts" and "Kiss The Rain"....i gave up. haha
  13. you look adorable..great pick, congratulations!
  14. I think I'll try the Brasso trick first, but so sweet of you to offer, thank you!

    River Flows In You, I'll admit was an easier song for me to learn... I attempted Kiss the Rain and gave up about 5 minutes later. It's 50 times harder, haha. Thanks for the compliment! :heart:
  15. What an awesome first lv bag! It looks fantantastic on you! Congrats!