my first louis arrived!

  1. Ooo its gorgeous, congrats!
  2. Congratulations, it looks absolutely perfect on you!
  3. Very cute!!
  4. It looks great on you... the Damier-Style is wonderful!
  5. Wow. That bag is awesome. Looks like so much fun. Enjoy.
  6. i love that bag it's gorgeous :love:
  7. That bag is really cute! Congrats and looks great on you
  8. congrats it looks great, I :love: the fact that its damier! :biggrin:
  9. Cute - I have been thinking about adding a Damier piece to my collection, this is a likely candidate now!
  10. woww looks gorgeous
  11. Looks great! Congrats!
  12. Congrat's, the bag looks great on you :smile:
  13. thanks everyone! i just loooooooove this louis. it's bigger than i thought and i could fit a lot in it. i like how it looks on me too. i am very short; 5' 1" and have small hips (me no likey). it's not heavy and is comfortable on the crook of the arm. =)
  14. Oooooooh! I love Damier and in such a nice and unique shape!